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If you want to raise awareness about environmental issues, you need to follow the experts. So, what are the best environmentalist blogs?

We are unaware of how our habits affect our globe and can have a negative impact on the environment. By reading and educating ourselves on important environmental issues and ways we can adopt eco-friendly living, we can make a huge difference.

All of this is possible through environmentalist blogs. Green blogs help you live a life that is sustainable and eco-friendly and provide you with information regarding certain environmental trending niches and topics. Ethical Hour, TreeHugger, Grist, etc., are some of the best environmentalist blogs.  

There are hundreds of other media outlets to choose from, and almost all of them are handled by environmental experts that provide accurate information about sustainable and affordable living. These blogs work on different niches, topics, featured articles, tips for sustainable living, recent news, and much more.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best environmentalist blogs that provide verified, accurate, and a vast range of information to lead a greener life.

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14 Best Environmentalist Blogs  

As mentioned above, there are 100+ environmentalist blogs to choose from; we are listing some of the best in this category. Let’s get started!


TreeHugger is one of the world’s largest information sites with 2.6 million monthly users, dedicated to providing information regarding the environment, eco-friendly living, and helping a green-living novice make better decisions to help their globe. The eco-advocate, Graham Hill, founded the site in 2004.  

The blog also won 2 awards in 2021; the Sustainability Leadership Award and Best Relaunch of Consumer Website.

The blog's aim is to make sustainable living easy for everyone. You can find information regarding eco-designs, environmental policies, wildlife, and endangered species, along with the latest news, natural disasters, and much more.

Ethical Hour

One of the major ways our environment is negatively impacted is because of what we buy, consume, and utilize in a day. Ethical Hour is an eco-friendly business community whose main aim is to promote ethical and sustainable businesses and provide consumer goods to make healthy living accessible for everyone. It is one of the best environmentalist blogs.

They have divided their mission in 4 ways;

  1. Connect with like-minded industry experts and founders.
  2. Provide information and learn about sustainable business and living.
  3. Keep users up-to-date with the latest sustainability news and trends.
  4. Promote sustainable business and be part of a global movement.

Ethical Hour houses a community that wants to do more than just business. They want to make an impact, adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle, and help others do the same as well. A small change can have a big impact on the environment and now is your chance to be a part of this community and switch to sustainable living.


Since 1999, Grist has used the power of journalism to raise awareness about the increasing environmental issues, and now that more and more people are joining the cause, they have shifted their focus on ways we can improve and change our lifestyle and reduce the carbon footprint. Grist is a nonprofit, independent media organization that is determined to provide and create a better future.  

Grist covers a wide range of topics like politics, culture, equity, and energy-related to the environment and provides accurate and useful information. It covers news, blogs, articles, tips, and much more to raise awareness.

Grist’s Fix Solutions Lab uses journalism and storytelling to share the changes people have made worldwide and encourage others to do their part. You can also donate to their cause and help them spread their message.

Union of Concerned Scientists

Founded by the students and scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 50 years ago, the Union of Concerned Scientists is a national nonprofit organization that combines technical analysis and advocacy to create a sustainable future and eradicate the pressing environmental issues threatening life on earth.

The organization works by analyzing pressing issues and developing innovative and easy solutions. Their scientists share their findings with the media and the world to expose the threats and solutions. The main objective is to develop sustainable ways to feed, power, transport life, and reduce the misleading information available on the internet.

They have partnered with 1,500 organizations, have more than 120,000 committed donors, and do not accept corporate and government grants to keep their information authentic and trustable. They provide information regarding topics like energy, transportation, climate, nuclear weapons, foods, etc.

Yale Environment 360

Yale Environment 360 is one of the best environmentalist blogs and is an online magazine that provides information on global environmental issues. The magazine is published at the Yale School of Environment, and the opinions and views are independent and not made based on donor support.

They provide featured articles, discuss opinions, and publish reporting and analysis made on environmental issues. All of the articles and blogs are written by expert researchers, scientists, academics, and environmentalists.

They cover various topics like climate, biodiversity, ocean, food, and agriculture, solutions, environmental policies, and more.

Earth 911

Earth911 started in the early 90s as an Arizona-centric recycling database. Since then, they have been trying to relay their expertise and knowledge to educate people about the concerning environmental issues and help people reduce their carbon footprint by using less and recycling more.

Things can’t change overnight; thus, they believe in making a large, positive impact by connecting with like-minded people, forming a community, and raising awareness.

They want to help businesses and individuals waste less, create/use sustainable products, and promote a greener living lifestyle.

The blog also features information regarding how to recycle and where to recycle. Moreover, it also covers topics like home and garden, EcoTech, business, what to buy, earth news, and much more. You can also join their podcast and stay updated on the go.

Moral Fibres

Among the best environmentalist blogs, Moral Fibres is a must-follow. Wendy, the author and founder of the Moral Fibres blog, is a sustainability expert and started this blog to promote greener living and change people’s minds towards eco-friendly products.

Wendy was named one of the Forbes 100 Leading UK Environmentalists and was also ranked as UK’s top green blog by Vulio. The blog is divided into six categories and offers a broad range of knowledge regarding sustainability in different aspects of life.

The niches include home and garden, food and drink, lifestyle, families, travel, and resources. The blog’s main objective is to increase citizens' access to affordable energy services. For example, instead of thinking about buy an electric car, try making small, everyday changes to make a bigger and more positive impact.


Founded in 2005, EcoWatch started off as an Ohio-based environmental newspaper that has now grown to a digital platform with more than 2 million monthly subscribers. The platform is still dedicated to providing information regarding environmental issues, discussing the causes and solutions, and providing tips regarding the adoption of an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Their mission is to empower people through environmental news, green consumer product reviews, and guides to sustainable living. Their editorial and review team follow a tight ethical standard and make sure their information is true, accurate, transparent, accessible, and impactful.

It includes topics like energy, food, health, wellness, climate, ocean, energy, product reviews, politics, sustainable business, and more.

Inside Climate News

Inside Climate News is a news organization that aims to provide reporting and analysis on energy, environment, climate change, and more. They have won multiple national awards, have used the power of journalism to spread awareness about pressing environmental concerns, and are committed to training the next generation in environmental journalism. It is one of the best environmentalist blogs available.

You can subscribe to their newsletter or see their ongoing projects and research on their website. They offer information on various topics and want to keep environmental journalism alive to raise awareness among the general public and businesses.

Their information is divided into 5 categories; politics and policy, fossil fuels, science, justice, and clean energy.

BBC: Earth Blog

The BBC Earth Blog is designed to creatively provide information regarding environmental issues. They are guided by the phrase, “Think beyond your everyday world, and experience the Universe as it really is.”

The blog features short videos, shows, and blogs that educate people about different species, nature, sustainability, and much more. It also covers different aspects like sustainable fashion, food, recycling, dinosaurs, etc.

They also have a podcast that shares intimate stories about nature, science, and human experience.

Greenpeace Canada

Started in 1971, Greenpeace is the most visible environmental organization and one of the best environmentalist blogs on the internet. They have offices in around 55 countries and aim to provide solutions to environmental issues.

Their goal is to share the acts of courageous people worldwide who stand up for their planet and work every day to make little, impactful changes in their lives to reduce their carbon footprint and provide sustainable solutions.

They help communities hold peaceful protests, make the government accountable, and do everything in their power to tip the scales in the environment’s favor. Check out their website and see the latest news, featured articles, environmentalists’ stories, and much more.


GreenBiz is a media and events company that reflects the world we live in and what we want it to be. They partner with like-minded people and communities that share the vision for a better and greener tomorrow and accelerate the transition to a greener economy. It promotes sustainability in industries, businesses, and technologies.

The GreenBiz environmentalist blog works in 4 ways. GreenBiz uses media to provide environment-focused content on sustainability, including people from different industries and disciplines. They also host events and workshops around the world with the brightest minds providing presentations and networking opportunities. They also provide research content and information related to business, technology, and sustainability.

You can find information in the form of videos, webcasts, analyses, and events.

World Wide Fund Global

Founded in 1961, the WWF Global has over 5+ million supporters and is active in nearly 100 countries. It is an independent conservation organization that is determined to restore the earth to its former glory by teaming up with like-minded communities and individuals. Its mission is to restore natural habitats, help endangered species, and produce eco-friendly consumer products.

They want to educate the general public and industrial sector about renewable resources and the earth’s biodiversity to help create a healthier life that is accessible to everyone. They work internationally and with local communities and discuss and provide solutions regarding climate change and food production.

They are also a part of a growing coalition called, A New Deal for Nature and People, calling world leaders to set nature on the path of recovery by 2030. You can also discover success stories, the latest news, and topics such as climate, ocean, wildlife, and more.


Inhabitat is the best environmentalist blog and is a green design and lifestyle site that provides information regarding sustainability designs and environmental news. Founded in 2005 by Jill Fehrenbacher, a designer, the site focuses on sustainable architectural designs.

You can find information divided into topics like lifestyle, design, environment, news, etc. The site's main mission is to provide information to the general public about sustainable and eco-friendly living because having a modern home and a guilt-free conscience is possible.

With growing awareness about climate change, environmental issues, and sustainability, there is no way you can’t adapt to a greener and healthier lifestyle by making subtle changes in your everyday life. Now that you know the best environmentalists' blogs to help you out, you can benefit from researched and accurate information and ensure you are positively impacting the environment.

Cutting back on plastic, adopting innovative and sustainable design, recycling waste, etc., cannot be done overnight, but a little a day can make a huge difference. Make a promise today and change the world for the better.