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With the rise of smartphones and technology, there is always an app to automate simple tasks and make things run smoother. The same goes for food storage.

We highly recommend the Pantry Check App as the number one food storage app for a couple of reasons. It is simple to use for any entry-level beginner to get started. You can use this app to collect your food inventory and stay on top of everything in your home and build your food pantry.

Food storage can be tedious and without the proper documentation, you can lose track of your food inventory or your budget. But with this app, that becomes less likely due to the fact you have everything listed in the app with an easy barcode scanner to make it even quicker. Try using an app like this when you start building your food storage pantry.

We have tried various different apps, but not many were able to simplify some of the critical food storage steps for us quite like the Pantry Check App does. It provides easy documentation and walk-throughs as well to get more familiar with how it works. This guide will explain the app in detail for you to better understand it.

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Best Food Storage App

With the rise of technology, people are getting more and more interested in storing their food. But you might not know which app is the best for your needs. This article will outline some of the important things to take into consideration when choosing one.

The best food storage app will depend on what you need it to do. There are several factors that should be considered before making a decision on which one to use, including features, user interface, auto-tracking, third-party integrations, privacy concerns, etc.

If you're looking for a general-purpose app that can store all types of food items then we recommend the Pantry Check app.

This app serves as a grocery and food planning app where you can set reminders, keep track of food in your home, use the barcode scanner for nutritional facts, and search for sales. It also works well if you are trying to stay on a tight budget.

Pantry Check App Features

The Pantry Check App is an app that helps consumers with grocery shopping by tracking the inventory at the store. It includes a barcode scanner, product ratings, and access to coupons.

Pantry Check is a new app that makes grocery shopping easy and convenient. It automatically tracks the number of items purchased, where they are in the store, and when they expire.

The app's features make it a very useful tool for people with limited time to search through the grocery store. The app also provides a list of recommended items based on your previous purchase history.


Pantry Check App helps you to make sure that your food storage is always up to date. It helps you to store and track your food, share your inventory with friends and family, and even sell excess items for cash.

Pantry Check App is a mobile app that allows you to store all of your food. If you purchase bulk, you can manage inventory, take pictures of food, and keep a detailed list of everything in your home.

This app is a free app that helps people easily track what they have in their pantries and what they need for specific menus. There are in-app purchases available for more advanced features to get even more from the app.

Grocery Shopping

The Pantry Check app grocery shopping feature is designed to help users save time and money while grocery shopping. It provides users with a list of nearby stores that offer discounts on certain groceries.

Pantry Check App is an app for groceries that helps you use your limited space in the kitchen. The app suggests which food items you should buy and how much you should buy of each item to make sure that they don't go bad or spoil before they are used.

This app will also track the amount of desired food you are looking to buy and keep you on track in the store.

Expiring Items

Pantry Check App also gives a list of all of the expiration dates for each item in their system so that they can be easily replaced when they expire. The app also offers a barcode scanner so that users can scan items in order to add them into their own personal inventory on the apps.

Pantry Check is an app that helps you save time by reminding you what food items are expiring soon. It allows users to continually update their grocery list on the go, no matter what they are doing, from cooking dinner at home to going grocery shopping.

Barcode Scanning

The app has many features, including an inventory feature that lets users check how much of each item is remaining by scanning the bar codes. This feature will help consumers plan their food purchases for the week or month and stay on top of their items.

This mobile app on your phone collects inventory of what you have in your kitchen. If you're not sure what to do with some of the expired food items, just scan them and it will give you suggestions for recipes to use the ingredients.

By staying updated with new scans, you can set up reminders or find local sales on new food items.

Pantry Check App Pros & Cons


  • Easy to understand interface
  • In-depth user guide to learn how it works
  • Intuitive barcode scanner
  • Notification setup to get reminders


  • Requires in-app purchases to unlock some of the premium features

Pantry Check App Alternatives

Pantry Check is a must-have tool for those who want to track spending, store food, and avoid missing expiration dates. However, if you don’t believe it suits you the best we have listed both Grocery Pal and Kiff as alternatives you can consider.

Grocery Pal

Grocery Pal is a mobile app that helps you to stay organized while shopping. Through the app, you can select items from your grocery list or scan barcodes of items already in your home.

The app also comes with features like adding multiple lists for different families, saving favorite stores, and a food tagging feature to keep things simple while shopping.

Grocery Pal is an app that helps shoppers save time when grocery shopping. It provides users with lists of items to buy, weekly meal plans, and deals that you can find at local stores. This is an amazing app for budget shoppers looking to find the lowest price for bulk buying.

Grocery Pal helps you organize your grocery list and plan your meals, as well as a food storage guide. With a simple interface and a plethora of features, not only can you manage your groceries, but you can also find recipes that fit the food you have on hand.


Kiff is a food storage app that helps you to store, organize, and find healthy food at home. It is a great tool for people who are looking for a way to make eating well easy. The main purpose of Kiff is to help users save money and manage what goes in and out of their fridges better.

Kiff is an intelligent food storage app that makes it easier to be more conscious about what you're eating, enhances your cooking experience with helpful tips, and provides easy-to-find recipes for any occasion.

The Kiff platform also indicates when expiration dates on recently bought foods are approaching so you can avoid throwing away spoiled items. It also works as a virtual way of labeling your items so you have a better idea of what’s in your house.

Kiff is a mobile app that helps people eat healthier, save money, and store food in the right way. It reduces food waste, calorie counting, and food prep time to make a major difference in users’ day-to-day lives.