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If you are just getting started with long-term food storage, you probably haven’t heard about the importance of plastic food storage buckets.

Long-term food storage is much more effective with food storage buckets. You can store your Mylar bags inside for more protection. The best overall food storage bucket is the Living Whole Foods 5 Gallon Bucket because it is 90 mil in size and holds a lot of food with an airtight seal.

When buying food storage buckets, you should be looking for those made from safe materials and larger sizes to fit more food in each. If you will be storing dry goods in it, then plastic may be your best bet as they are lighter and less likely to rust. This guide lists all of the best plastic food storage buckets available.

Each of these food storage buckets was tested based on the seal properties, durability, and size. Our experts look for buckets that can fit the most amount of food in a safe manner at an affordable price. As you read through this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about food storage buckets.

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6 Best Food Storage Buckets

There are many types of food-grade buckets on the market, each with its own unique characteristics. It's important to know which bucket type is best suited for your needs before purchasing one.

The problem with stocking up on this much food is that it can take up a lot of space in your home and it might not even fit into your fridge or pantry.

This is where food storage buckets come in handy - they offer a simple solution to storing long-term supplies without having to worry about space limitations or running out of room.

The best food storage buckets come with airtight lids that can be sealed tightly to prevent moisture from entering the bucket and spoiling the food inside. Some buckets also come with handles for easy transportation or built-in sealing caps for easier access to the contents inside.

If you use vacuum sealing methods to keep your food stored, then you absolutely need food storage buckets for extra protection. These bags do not protect against pests and rodents. If you seal them in a bucket, they become impenetrable.

We have included some of the best food storage buckets available all at affordable pricing and made from safe materials for your use.

1. Living Whole Foods 5 Gallon Bucket

Picture of Living Whole Foods 5 Gallon Bucket

The Living Whole Foods 5 Gallon Bucket is a food-grade bucket that is made from thick, durable plastic. The bucket is certified for direct food contact and it is also BPA-free.

The bucket is available in a set of three as a 90 Mil all-purpose pail. You can easily stack them with the help of a handle on the side of the bucket which makes it easy to transport water, food, or any other liquid materials.

Five-gallon buckets are a good way to store food. They have a lot of uses and can be reused in many different ways. When you're storing food, it's important to keep them clean to avoid any health risks associated with cross-contamination.

This set also includes a snugly fitting lid for air-resistant sealing. They are round buckets to store compactly in different ways in your home.

This product is made in the USA so you can buy with confidence knowing it has gone through proper manufacturing standards and all materials used are safe for human and food contact.

2. Ropak USA Food Grade Plastic Bucket

Picture of Ropak USA Food Grade Plastic Buckets

The Ropak USA Food Grade Plastic Bucket comes in different shapes and sizes so that they can fit any need within the household.

Ropak USA is a manufacturer of food-grade plastic buckets. The company offers a complete line of plastic buckets for various applications, including food storage, household cleaning, and more.

The bucket is perfect for storing dry goods such as rice, beans, cornmeal, and pasta which can be filled up to the rim without it spilling over. It’s also perfect for packing lunches or picnics or storing pet food or other items that need to be protected from insects and rodents.

The bucket is made from FDA-approved high-density polyethylene so it can be used for food storage without the risk of bacterial growth inside the container. They also come in a variety of different sets and sizes to choose from.

The buckets are 8x8x8 inches and can be purchased in six different types of sets that include the following sizes:

  • (1) 3.5 gallon w/ lids
  • (3) 3.5 gallon w/ lids
  • (6) 3.5 gallon w/ lids
  • (1) 5.0 gallon w/ lid and pour spout
  • (3) 5.0 gallon w/ lids

3. House Naturals Food Storage Bucket

Picture of House Naturals Food Storage Buckets

The House Naturals Food Storage Buckets are highly reliable and sold for an affordable price for long-term food storage. House Naturals' food storage buckets are made from durable, BPA-free plastic. They have a wide range of sizes for people with different needs.

Food storage is always a growing concern for many people. The House Naturals original food storage bucket is the perfect way to store your food items, with easy-to-open lids that can be screwed on tightly.

This food storage container is made of premium quality, BPA-free plastic which will not react with any foods and can be recycled. It also comes in a variety of colors so you can match it to your kitchen decor.

This set of buckets is sold in a pack of three heavy-duty 90-mil thick plastic with metal handles. This allows you to carry buckets with heavier weight easily around your home. These buckets are also made in the USA from more durable and safe materials.

This container is made from high-density, commercial-grade polyethylene plastic to withstand high temperatures and weather fluctuations. They are purchased in a set of three with spout lids for versatile use cases.

4. TT-WISH 5 Gallon Bucket Kit

Picture of the TT-WISH 5 Gallon Bucket Kit

The TT-WISH 5 Gallon Bucket Kit is a complete container kit for food storage. It comes with five one-gallon sealed buckets, five lids for long-term storage. These buckets are suitable for sealing tightly in tight spaces with flat lids for stacking.

The Bucket Kit contains five different colored buckets that are made of durable polypropylene. The lids are Gamma Seal lids, which are designed to seal tightly and last for an extended period of time. With this kit, you can create your own storage system without spending too much money.

It has an airtight lid which will keep your food from going bad by preventing moisture from getting in. It also has a variety of lids to keep your food fresh and sealed tight while it's being stored.

This is perfect for someone who might have limited space because you don't have to buy all the items individually.

These buckets are multi-color and all have a matching lid too. They are durable and made from BPA-free plastics with 90 mil wall thickness. The typical industry standard is only 70 mil so you are getting a 30% increase.

All five buckets are the same size and measure 12x14x12 inches.  

5. EPackageSupply Food Storage Buckets

Picture of EPackageSupply Food Storage Buckets

EPackageSupply Food Storage Buckets are a great way to store food at home. These buckets have been designed to keep the food fresh for a longer period of time. They come with a seal-tight lid, which will prevent insects from getting into the bucket and also keep the smell from leaking out.

These buckets are made of food-grade plastic that is BPA-free and clean from any toxic materials. They are inexpensive but also lightweight in order to make storing food easier. With these buckets, you can store anything from pasta to rice to cereal grains with ease.

These are designed with a lid on top of the container so that when you open it, there will be no spills or messes on your counters or floors which keeps things clean and tidy.

These are 3.5-gallon buckets with 90 mils of thickness for stronger durability to store food for longer. They are made in the USA from high-quality materials.

The sides even come with a sturdy metal handle that allows for easier transportation and storage. You can carry heavier loads without straining yourself.

The buckets are white and sized 11.9" in diameter x 10.5" in height.  

6. New Generation Food Grade Plastic Buckets

Picture of New Generation Food Grade Plastic Buckets

The New Generation Food Grade Plastic Buckets are a great way to store food for a number of reasons. They are durable, their lids can be tightly sealed shut with the use of a good quality sealer, and they are relatively cheap.

They are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and can store a lot of food at once. They can be used for storing various types of foods such as fruit, vegetables, grain, rice, sugarcane juice, jams and syrup, cereals, and other dry foods.

The material is safe to use as it is resistant to corrosion from moisture or acidity. It does not allow any kind of odors to leak from the bucket or pass through the lid seal. The containers have a long life span so they will not easily break or crack from natural wear and tear which reduces the risk of contamination.

These plastic buckets are a popular choice for food storage because they are made of food-grade material to ensure that the food inside will be safe to eat. They can last for years without any degradation.

Why You Should Use Food Storage Buckets

It is a good idea to have a few buckets on hand to use as emergency food storage containers. It is important to store dried, canned, and packaged foods in air-tight containers to protect them from bugs or rodents.

However, it is not necessary to store all of the food in vacuum-sealed bags and you should have some food readily available when needed.

There are many ways that people choose to store their food in buckets. It may be helpful for you to look at a few different methods and decide which one would work best for you and your family. The goal is to stay prepared for any natural disaster.

Food storage buckets work best as a protective layer against pests and rodents. For example, Mylar bags are the best for long-term storage but they can be penetrated by rodents when left on the floor or on shelves.

By placing these sealed bags inside a food storage bucket and closing the lid, they become even more protected and nothing will break the seal of these bags. This ensures you will get the maximum possible shelf-life from your Mylar bag storage.

How To Store Food In Buckets

Plastic buckets are also ideal for storing dry goods. When storing dry goods in plastic buckets, it is best to use a lid and label them with contents and dates until they will be used again.

This prevents the food from getting contaminated with anything else and it helps eliminate any confusion when retrieving what you need to use in your recipes or meals.

These six steps are exactly how you should approach storing food effectively in food storage buckets to ensure maximum shelf-life.

1. Find safe food storage buckets

Some food storage containers are made of plastics that contain harmful chemicals like BPA. These chemicals can leak into your food and get absorbed by your body, causing serious health problems.

It is important that food storage buckets are made of food-grade plastics or BPA-free plastics. This ensures that the food in the bucket is not being contaminated by any harmful chemicals.

The plastic should be thick enough to have a good seal when closed so that no oxygen gets in. It should also be durable so it can withstand dropping and other accidents when in use.

2. Seal food in Mylar bags

One of the best ways to store food is by sealing it in Mylar bags. This ensures that food doesn't spoil or get contaminated with other foods. Moreover, these bags are specially made so that they are airtight and waterproof.

These bags provide a vacuum seal that is nearly unbreakable. You also need to place oxygen absorbers inside of the bag to eliminate the flow of oxygen from inside the bag.

Once you properly seal food using oxygen absorbers and a heat source, it is time to close the bag and move on.

3. Pack Mylar bags inside food buckets

Pests and rodents are the major cause of food contamination. Rodents eat contaminated food or carry pathogens on their fur or paws which then contaminate other foods that they come into contact with.

We can protect our food by putting Mylar bags inside the bucket and sealing them tight. The Mylar bag will go all the way down inside so that no pests or animals can get inside, but air will be able to circulate through so that our food doesn't spoil.

4. Label buckets

Labeling food containers is very important for food storage. Labeling your plastic buckets can help people know what is inside the container, so they know how long they need to store it or take it to eat.

By labeling your plastic food storage buckets, you can seal them and know exactly the date they were sealed, the amount of food inside, and the type of food inside so you don’t need to open the bucket to find out that information.

5. Seal your bucket

The first thing that you should do after labeling the bucket is to seal your bucket. You can use the plastic lid included to tightly lock the lid on top and make sure nothing can get inside.

It is important to seal food storage buckets after food is inside of them. If not, the food will spoil. This will also help keep out smells, moisture, and oxygen from damaging your food supply.

6. Store them in a safe location

You should store your plastic bucket off the ground in a location that is safe. A safe location for food storage is either on an elevated surface or in an area where it has been sealed off from insects and rodents.

Verdict: What’s The Best Food Storage Bucket?

Food storage buckets are similar in design so it is important to find the most durable option that is easy to keep stored for as long as possible. The Living Whole Foods 5 Gallon Bucket is our favorite due to its many features and benefits.

The bucket is made from premium grade FDA approved virgin food-grade plastic and has a water-tight seal that does not allow moisture or pests in, keeping your food fresh for longer.

It also comes with an airtight lid, which ensures no oxygen can get in, as well as allowing you to take your favorite foods with you on the go without making a mess.

The buckets are also useful in everyday life for things like storing cereals, pasta, and even pet food. When compared to other options, it provides the most reliable seal and durability against exterior pests and rodents.