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If you love food storage containers, you should consider shopping for products made in the USA. Local businesses give you safer, more reliable kitchen products.

Selecting one of these top-rated made in USA food containers is the best way to optimize your food storage. The top three food storage containers made in the USA are the Zip Top Silicone storage containers, Anchor Hocking TrueSeal containers, and Rubbermaid Brilliance storage containers.

Made in the USA products carry many more benefits than those sourced from international suppliers. The quality is significantly better and the products are better regulated with manufacturing laws to ensure the safety of all consumers. The eight food storage containers recommended in this guide fit this description as excellent all-around options.

After running many experiments, we saw significant differences between China food storage containers and Made in the USA food storage containers. The ones sourced from American brands are more durable, container safer materials, and provide more versatility in the kitchen. All data and research were gathered carefully to ensure the accuracy of each recommended product.

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8 Best Food Storage Containers Made In The USA

The best food storage containers made in the USA use BPA-free materials, are microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe, freezer-safe, and oven-safe, and act as perfect products for your home needs.

There are many food storage containers on the market today that are made right here in the United States. The best food storage containers made in the USA are ones that can keep your food fresh for a long time without giving off harmful chemicals.

The list below contains the 13 best food storage containers made in the USA.

1. Zip Top Silicone Storage Containers

Picture of Zip Top Silicone Storage Containers

Our top food storage container made in the USA is the Zip-Top silicone storage container. This container is reliable with extra strength for a variety of foods and it comes available in many different sizes and variations for all different types of usage.

These storage containers create an environmentally friendly lifestyle by reducing their packaging waste and shipping materials. They are made with easy-to-wash materials so your cleaning process can be quick without much hassle too.

Zip-Top focuses on being extremely environmentally friendly and claims that one of these bags or containers replaces 5,000 or more disposable bags. The goal is to eliminate waste and promote homes to rely on reusable items instead.

The best part about these containers is the silicone finish. They do not retain any stains or odors from foods that they stored including items like chopped onions or red sauces. They last extremely long and will give you plenty of usages before it is time to replace them.

These containers or bags are also completely airtight. Food will last longer because the seal is strong and protects your food as well as any container on the market.

The endless reusability of this container puts the high-quality material on full display. And this is one of the primary benefits when shopping for Made in the USA products. They can hold many different foods too without worry of leaks or stains.


  • Made in the USA with high quality.
  • Plenty of variety in sizing and shape.
  • Versatile for dry storage, fridge, freezer, and microwave use.
  • Highly durable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Free of BPA, lead, and other harmful chemicals.
  • Doesn’t leach chemicals like plastic.


  • The airtight seal could be better.

2. Anchor Hocking TrueSeal Glass Container

Picture of Anchor Hocking TrueSeal Glass Containers

The Anchor Hocking TrueSeal container is unique because they come in a variety set with different shapes and sizes to accommodate your kitchen needs. The covers are durable and BPA-free to provide an airtight seal for longer-lasting storage too.

The American-made glass is a healthier product than competing plastic alternatives and works great in the oven, dishwasher, freezer, and microwave. They do not stain and never will leach any harmful toxins or chemicals into your food.

The lids are healthy and BPA-free too, made from plastics that are free of any lead, cadmium, or heavy metals too. These will put your food and health at risk but be assured that this Anchor Hocking TrueSeal container removes this risk from your household.

The most notable aspect of this container is the durability and high-quality materials it is made from. It is a perfect example of an American-made product with durable glass and healthy plastics in the lid.

It can be found in multiple colors including teal, green, cherry, and mineral blue finishes. The set includes one 2-cup, one 4-cup, and one 7-cup container and comes as a three container, six-piece set in total.


  • Plenty of variety available for sizing and colors
  • Lids are made from safe plastics
  • Durable construction and completely leakproof
  • Stackable for easier storage


  • No replacement lids are available

3. Rubbermaid Brilliance Storage Containers

Picture of a Rubbermaid Brilliance Storage Container

These are leak-proof, BPA-free, stain-resistant containers with airtight lids. They are made out of strong plastic that is durable and dishwasher safe.

Food storage containers have always been a part of kitchens and households. But these Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Containers are easier to store food and prepare the same dish multiple times. They have a nice design to offer more durability with airtight lids that keep your food fresh for longer.

The containers come in various sizes and colors and offer space for all types of food - from frozen foods to fresh fruits and vegetables as well as grains, pasta, sauces, cereals, flour, nuts, and legumes.

From picky eaters to families with multiple kids, these Rubbermaid containers are the perfect solution for your food storage needs. They are BPA-free, stain-resistant, and highly durable.

The lid is leak-proof and helps keep moisture in for better flavor. They are also an excellent choice for people with limited storage space or who want to save space in their pantry.


  • Splatter resistant microwaving ability
  • Square design with flat lids for easier storage
  • Dishwasher, microwave, and freeze safe
  • Low cost with a variety of options available


  • Lids can wear down quicker than the containers and may need replacing.

4. Snapware Total Solution Container Set

Picture of Snapware the Total Solution Container Set

The Snapware Total Solution Storage Container Set fits most standard kitchen drawers and cabinets. It has a sleek design that will look great on your countertop or in any kitchen cabinet where space is limited.

This Snapware set comes either in a set of 8 or 16 containers to stock up nicely for your home. With its BPA-free, stain-resistant, durable, and environmentally friendly materials, it is one of the best options for years of use.

The is a great storage container that will offer convenience, durability, and easy cleanup. This can be a great option for households that want to store food in an airtight container, but still, have it ready for consumption when they need it. It provides freshness and convenience while being safe from any harmful chemicals or materials.

The containers can be used in the microwave and dishwasher, and they come in color variations for your everyday use. If you need a durable option with longer-lasting capabilities, these are a high-quality solution.


  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • BPA-free materials
  • Versatile lids that fit a variety of containers
  • Safe for all major kitchen uses (dishwasher, oven, microwave, etc.)


  • Higher priced option compared to competitors

5. Pyrex Simply Store Glass Container

Picture of a Pyrex Simply Store Glass Container

The Pyrex Simply Store Glass Food Storage Set is a set of durable and resilient glass containers that are made without BPA or any other toxic chemicals.

Pyrex is a brand of cookware and bakeware and has become a household name due to its durability and cost-effectiveness. They make reliable products and these containers can be used as a basic storage option for items you need to keep on hand.

These Pyrex glass food storage containers are popular for their durable and stain-resistant construction. They are designed to withstand high temperatures and can be stacked on top of one another.

The Pyrex 10-piece set is available in a variety of different color options, including this bright blue set with a clear lid. It makes a great addition to any kitchen or office space for storage solutions.

They also make it easy to stay organized with food storage items that can go straight from the refrigerator to lunch, or be packed for your next trip. If you value durability, variety, and longevity then these are the containers for you.


  • Lids are BPA-free and made with no dangerous toxins or materials
  • Containers are microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Glass is easy to clean and completely stain-resistant
  • Affordable pricing for a lot of containers in a set


  • Lids do not hold up well in the dishwasher - we recommend hand washing them

6. Rubbermaid TakeAlongs

Picture of Rubbermaid TakeAlongs

Rubbermaid has been making quality products for years, with most of the products being dishwasher safe. The TakeAlongs food storage containers are BPA-free, stain-resistant, and versatile.

They're designed to be microwavable and can also be used as a pan or pot. TakeAlongs are an excellent solution for every kitchen that needs to store food in a way that is both practical and convenient. They offer space for storing dry goods like flour, sugar, grains, and more.

TakeAlongs offers a variety of styles and sizes which can be used to store all types of food. The most popular sizes are the 3-piece set with lids that come in various colors with different combinations.

The most important feature of these containers is that each one has a lid with an airtight seal, making it easy to store food safely. One can carry them around easily as they are lightweight and compact in size, so they don't take up too much space in the kitchen.


  • Cheap option with low cost, bulk buying options (40 pieces for $24)
  • Dishwasher safe and extremely durable
  • Plenty of variety for colors, sizes, and shapes


  • Not the longest lasting food storage container

7. Bovado Glass Containers

Picture of Bovado Glass Containers

The Bovada Glass Containers are an extremely high-quality food storage container that can transform any kitchen. They are BPA-free and stain-resistant, so food remains fresh and safe to eat.

Bovado is the leading manufacturer of glass meal prep containers. They offer a variety of sizes and types of containers that allow you to store different meals without having to worry about the container getting dirty or cracked in the process.

These meal prep packs come with a set amount of storage that provides the ideal number for any household's needs and allows for easy selection and movement in your cabinets or refrigerator without having to place them in separate compartments in order to fit your needs.

These Bovado containers are ideal for home or office use. They are made of high-quality, safe, and stain-resistant glass that can withstand high temperatures as well as safe storage in the fridge.


  • Comes in a large selection of containers
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting
  • Made from completely safe materials
  • Made of Borosilicate glass


  • Stains can be an issue after extended use

8. Debbie Meyer GreenBoxes

Picture of Debbie Meyer GreenBoxes

The Debbie Meyer GreenBoxes is one of the safest and most reliable options included in this food storage container guide. They are made from durable plastic that is recyclable and has a patented design that makes them leakproof.

The GreenBoxes are a very durable and eco-friendly option. They can help you to save a lot of time and money because you don't have to go through the trouble of cleaning them every day.

They are free of BPA, phthalates, and other chemicals which may be harmful to people or the environment. The containers are also reusable and can be separated for easy cleaning.

One of the best things about these containers is that they come in so many different sizing options it makes storage easy. You can buy variety for your home and enjoy keeping different foods fresh. They are stackable too.


  • Reusable and made from recyclable materials
  • BPA-free materials and no toxic chemicals
  • Affordable pricing
  • Easy to clean


  • Lids should not be put in the dishwasher as a precaution

What To Look For When Buying Food Storage Containers

Food storage containers are important for all of us, especially for those who need to store food in their pantries. But when it comes to choosing the right one, it can be difficult.

A lot of people store their food in containers, especially the preppers who live off the grid. If you’re going to buy one for yourself, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

First, consider how much space you will need for your food storage. If you have a large family or plan on growing food in your survival pantry, you should know how much space will be needed before buying anything.

Second, think about what the container will be used for - can it store canned goods or bulk items? Can it work with hot and cold temperatures? Do the lids fit tightly?

Third, consider the size of the container and if it is easy to transport without taking up too much room. To build reliable storage, you will need to use all of the space you have available efficiently.

Benefits of Made In The USA Products

In times of uncertainty economically, it makes the most sense to order American-made products to support the local economy and acquire better quality products. There are plenty of benefits that make it even more appealing to keep your purchases local and shop for food storage containers made in the USA.

Products made in the USA are generally held to a higher standard because they want to maintain their reputation for producing high-quality products. This means you will likely get better customer service and a more personalized experience when you buy from them.

Safer Products

Consumers should also be aware of where their products are made and what they are made out of. Products manufactured overseas may contain more hazardous chemicals because they are not bound by many of these laws.

Manufacturing domestically also allows for increased quality control with fewer chances for defects during production to occur which are a contributing factor to injuries.

Higher Quality

Unlike many other industrialized countries, the United States has high standard requirements for its goods. The US has environmental standards for all goods it imports, which are stricter than the standards in other countries.

This means that US products are also of higher quality because they have to go through more stringent regulations. Not only are the laws stricter, but manufacturers are not competing over the only price. Instead, they compete over quality.

Environmentally Friendly

The USA has higher environmental standards when it comes to manufacturing and producing goods for the public too. This is good in the grand scheme of things because it means that products produced in America are more environmentally conscious and sustainable than those made abroad.

It's not always easy to go green. There are many steps one needs to take before deciding to go green, such as researching the best materials and learning about the different methods that can be used.

Stricter Manufacturing Requirements

The United States enforces strict regulations and manufacturing requirements that companies must follow. There has even been a policy put in place to punish those manufacturers that falsely claim products are being produced in the USA.

By doing so, the USA ensures that the quality of products being made here is much higher because of the stricter manufacturing requirements that exist. Some states even require that 100% of the product must be made in the United States to be claimed as a Made In USA product.