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We have all learned the significance of best food storage for camping when reaching for a snack in the cooler only to have hands soaked in melted ice water.

Nothing can ruin a good camping trip faster than finding out the food has been ruined due to improper storage, ants, mice, or even bears. It can take ages to find food in the wild once you have lost the supplies you packed for the trip.

Collapsible containers, condiment carriers, waterproof ice bags, reusable stasher bags, roller coolers, bear canisters, meal prepping containers, etc., are some of the best food storage for camping. Each has its own specific use.

With multiple types of storage containers available, you need to find the ones that carry well and keep your food and snacks properly stored and ready to eat or cook whenever you are ready. Out of all the options available, you need to evaluate which one will work best for you.

We decided on these best camping food containers by thoroughly researching storage articles, product features, product pros and cons, and product reviews to help you find the ideal food storage solutions for your camping trip.  

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Collapsible Containers

Picture of Thin Bins Collapsible Containers

To maintain the freshness of your food, particularly during a long camping trip, you need containers that are not only lightweight but can also tightly seal. This silicone collapsible container set is an ideal choice.

Bring your meal preps in these containers and collapse them after cooking and enjoying your meal. These work well for storing snacks, grains, and cereals as well and prevent staleness or leaks.

This container set is available in three different sizes.


  • These storage containers come in a set of four boxes in different sizes
  • They are airtight with snap lids, protecting your food from pests
  • They are stackable and collapsible, saving space
  • They are temperature resistant


  • Might easily collapse, squishing stored food
  • Not too durable

Condiment Carriers

Picture of Salad Dressing Containers

You don’t have to leave behind your love for condiments when you go on camping trips with this set of silicone condiment carriers.

Available in different sizes. You can store mayo, mustard, ketchup, and any other condiment in these storage bottles.


  • These are made with non-toxic, food-grade silicone material
  • These come in a set of four different colored bottles
  • These are leak-proof and easy to carry


  • They might retain the odor of the condiment, making it hard to get rid of

Marinate & Preserve Vacuum Containers

Picture of Vacuum Containers

If you prefer to marinate your meat beforehand and cook it on the campfire later, these vacuum containers are a perfect storage solution. These not only help in sealing your meal prep by removing air from the containers to keep your food fresh but also escalate the marination time with its marinade mode.

The containers are lightweight, compact, and slim, making them a great food storage solution for a camping trip. These three vacuum containers are stackable and odor resistant.


  • The containers have a powerful vacuum seal that removes air from the container
  • These come with a flexible lid with secure tabs
  • Includes a marinade mode that reduces the overall marination time


  • Have to purchase handheld vacuum sealer separately to seal the bags  

Waterproof Ice Bags

Picture of Waterproof Ice Bags

Ice bags are among the essential camping trip tools you need to pack. The best way of ensuring your food stays fresh and is also protected from melted ice from the ice bags is to ensure the ice stays in sealed bags. These waterproof ice bags are an ideal solution.

This set includes two extra-large ice bags that can hold up to 5lb of ice and includes three-layer protection, ensuring no leakage or spills.


  • These bags are reusable, meaning you don’t need to repurchase them for your next trip
  • These bags are sturdy enough to keep both ice and water from leaking
  • These come with an easy pour water spout that allows you to use the melted water when needed
  • Four thermal-isolation layers keep the ice lasting twice as long


  • Costlier as compared to other ice bags
  • It could be heavier to carry around for solo campers

Bear Canisters

Picture of a Bear Canister

Making sure your food is bear-proof when you go camping should be among your list of priorities. These hard-shell bear-resistant canisters can keep your food safely locked and fresh.

These canisters are created to easily fit any backpack. They can only be opened using a special coin. It weighs only 2.4 pounds and can easily be carried around. These canisters even protect your food from pesky raccoons.

They are sturdy enough to handle high-impact force in case it falls.  


  • It is sturdy and protects your foods from bears, raccoons, and other pests
  • They don’t need to be hung on the tree to keep animals away
  • They are lightweight and can carry a good amount of food


  • It could be bulky for light travelers
  • It could get hard to open if the coin is lost
  • Costlier than other food storage options

Roller Cooler

Picture of the Coleman Rolling Cooler

To ensure your beverages and food stay fresh and cool throughout your trip, you need a roller cooler. This Coleman roller cooler is an ideal and affordable choice. It can keep your ice for up to five days long and can even be used as a seat when you are tired from a long hike.

The roller cooler is available in three different sizes. It comes with an extendable handle and wheels that make it easier to take on your camping trips.


  • It can keep the ice for at least five days long
  • It is far more affordable than other roller coolers available in the market
  • It can be used as a seat and a drink holder


  • Its wheels are not too sturdy for a rough terrain
  • The cooler is not as durable as other coolers

Reusable Stasher Bags

Picture of a Reusable Stasher Bag

Stasher bags are highly versatile and are already a staple in different households for food storage. Their versatility means they can be effective for food storage solutions on a camping trip. These reusable stasher bags are ideal for meat marination, storing leftovers, and categorizing individual snacks.

These bags are self-sealing, reusable, and made with silicone material. It can help avoid food waste. The bags are free from latex, PVC, and BPA, making them safe to use.


  • These are flexible, transparent, and available in multiple colors
  • The bags are available in four different colors


  • Expensive than other reusable bags

Containers for Liquids

Picture of a Nalgene Wide Mouth Square Storage Bottle

No camping trip can be complete without making pancakes with maple syrup. While you can take along the pancake batter, it can be challenging to transport the maple syrup. However, this Wide Mouth Square Storage Bottle can be the best solution for storing liquids.

It is made with food-grade plastic that tightly seals the liquid in the bottle. It is ideal to use as water bottles. It is free from BPS and BPA, making it safe to use. This storage bottle is available in three sizes.


  • These bottles can store any form of liquid, including salad dressing, milk, and syrup
  • These are washable and sturdy
  • The screw-on lids are easy to use
  • The bottle is impact-resistant


  • It doesn’t include a handle to carry

Cereal Keeper

Picture of a Large Cereal Keeper

Some people just can’t live without their cereal, even on a camping trip. This cereal keeper is made with BPA-free, food-grade plastic with an airtight silicone seal to ensure your cereal stays fresh for long camping trips.

It has an easy to pour spout and has the capacity to hold 4.5 quarts. The opening makes this container versatile, meaning you can store other food items in this container.


  • It is sturdy and versatile
  • It can keep the food tightly sealed to maintain freshness
  • Safe and easy to use


  • The lid isn’t removable, making it harder to clean
  • It might be too big for light packers

Eggs Carrier

Picture of a Stansport Egg Container

Breakfast during camping is not complete if there aren’t any eggs. However, taking eggs on a camping trip is certainly not an easy task as they can also break and spoil other food items. Stansport Egg Container is a solution to this problem.

This egg container is made with durable and strong plastic that can protect the eggs from breaking and leaking into the rest of your camping essentials. It comes with a molded handle, making it easier to carry around. This egg container is lightweight.


  • It is durable and strong
  • The cover tightly locks, ensuring the eggs don’t break
  • It can hold up to 12 eggs


  • It is not high-impact resistant
  • It can only carry small to medium eggs

Meal Prepping Containers

Picture of Food Storage Bento Boxes

Meal preps can make camping trips easier and more fun when you already have pre-planned food prepared. These meal prepping containers can be your reliable partners. They are lightweight, compact, and easy to carry.

These meal planning bento boxes are available in multiple price ranges. There are eight options available, including one compartment with removable insert, three compartments with portion cups, one compartment with portion cups, and more.  


  • Multiple options are available to choose from
  • Durable, safe, and reliable containers with a single lid
  • Perfect for meal preps for easy cooking on trips


  • Not completely airtight

Glass Container with Locking Lid

Picture of Glass Food Storage Containers

If you are not much of a plastic fan and prefer glass containers, these Glass Food Storage Containers with Lids are a great solution for your camping needs. These are available in different sizes and are stackable.

These containers come with airtight lids that can keep the food fresh for longer. Since they are stackable, you can stack them in one another when not in use to save space. The set includes nine glass containers with lids.

The glass is made with borosilicate glass for higher durability and easy heating while also keeping camping food secure. These are available in four different options.  


  • High-quality alternative for plastic containers
  • Safer to use than plastic
  • Can directly heat food on the camp stove
  • Great value for money
  • Multiple options available


  • Glass containers are heavier than plastic containers
  • Covers can be difficult to fit
  • Must be carefully stored to avoid cracks

Sandwich Bags

Picture of Reusable Storage Bags

These leak-proof, reusable sandwich bags are perfect for taking on your camping trips. These are also ideal for storing snacks. These are made with ultra-thick, food-grade PEVA material that prevents breakage and tears, usually common with zip-lock bags.

These bags are available in different sizes. You can also keep excess food in these bags for later use.


  • Perfect for quick snacks
  • Ideal alternative to avoid plastic wastage
  • Available in different sizes
  • Easy to clean and reuse
  • Great for dry food


  • Ziplock closure is not too durable if not used carefully

Multi-Use Storage Organizer

Picture of a Multi-Use Storage Organizer

The best way to keep your camping food organized is using this multi-use storage bin organizer. You can keep your packaged or zip-locked bag items lined up in this storage bin for easy access and storage. This is ideal for snacks, including fruit cups, protein bars, and more.

It is made with durable plastic and includes a built-in handle to carry around easily. The transparent bin gives an unobstructed view of the snacks inside. It can even be kept in a cooler to keep food fresh. It is available in eight different sizes.


  • Provides excellent storage organization of food
  • Easy to carry around and can store multiple packaged food items
  • It is versatile and can even store other small camping gear


  • Not too durable for high-impact