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With the new initiatives to put the environment first, it is important to consider the different types of recyclable food containers that are available.

Recyclable food containers are those made from environmentally friendly materials that can easily be disposed of and recycled. We have put together a thorough list, including the best recyclable food container for you. The Live Bamboo Glass Container is the most reliable recyclable food container option available today.

When searching for recyclable food containers, it is key to look for products made from biodegradable materials including polluting plastics made with BPA. The types of containers available include ziplock bags, glass containers, bamboo products, and others made from kraft paper stock. All of these products put the environment first and use no harmful materials in their composition.

We have spent many hours testing various recyclable products and collecting accurate research on all materials used during production. Our focus is to find products that are both healthy for humans to use and those that better benefit the environment too. Our experts can confidently recommend these nine recyclable food containers as the best options available for you.

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9 Best Recyclable Food Containers

1. Live Bamboo Glass Containers

Picture of Live Bamboo Glass Containers

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Our top-rated recyclable food container is the Live Bamboo glass container. It is made from premium borosilicate glass which is a heavy-duty material free of all plastics and other harmful materials like BPA or chemicals. 

This container is microwave-safe, freezer-friendly, and oven-safe for all of your cooking and storage needs. The lids are made from all-natural bamboo materials that are completely biodegradable to remain recyclable and safe for the environment.

Live Bamboo provides many different sizes to fit any type of food you need. They are neatly made and stackable to optimize for more storage space too.

They are sold in a set of four containers at affordable pricing so you can quickly begin stocking your foods the right way. Invest in these containers to improve your home’s carbon footprint. They can be washed easily and when you are finished with them, they are completely recyclable.

Live Bamboo even provides a 30-day money-back guarantee in the event you are not satisfied with your purchase.

2. Viturio Ziplock Bags

Picture of Viturio Ziplock Bags

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To help keep your kitchen food storage versatile, we recommend investing in bags for storage too. The best recyclable option is the Viturio Ziplock bag made in a variety of sizes for added durability and flexible storage space in both your fridge and freezer.

These ziplock bags are made from extra-durable PEVA material that is free from harmful chemicals and plastics. They use double zippers to ensure a tighter seal and more long-lasting storage for your food. They are even tear-resistant so you don’t need to worry when using them in a crowded kitchen.  

These are budget-friendly storage options made to reduce household waste and keep foods fresh. The exterior is transparent to make storage easier and eliminate the need for external labels too.

Bags can be found in the following sizes:

  • Six gallon (10.63” x 11”)
  • Snack (8.6” x 5.25”)
  • Sandwich (8.6” x 7.6”)
  • Two gallon (10.63” x 11”)

3. Brightalk Eco-Friendly Bowls

Picture of Brightalk Eco-Friendly Bowls

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Recyclable food containers are extremely handy when transporting meals and creating take-out boxes for yourself. They are a great option for packing daily lunches or storing leftovers in the fridge for the night. The Brightalk Eco-Friendly bowls are lightweight and stackable for easy recyclable use.

These containers come with flexible lids to seal your food for overnight shelf life. They are made from 100% sustainable, compostable, and biodegradable materials to remain eco-friendly. Best use cases include salads, meal preparation, and desserts.

The materials used are made from wheat straw which is an agricultural fiber and renewable resource. It is a high-quality finish that is easy to dispose of.

The available sizes include both 24oz and 32oz containers with lids for convenient usage whenever needed. They are sold in packages of 50 at an affordable price to stock up your kitchen with plenty of options.

4. FC Meyer Food Containers

Picture of FC Meyer Food Containers

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Another reliable food container made to help improve the environment is the FC Meyer Food containers made from kraft brown stock paper and other biodegradable materials. The design makes them easy to open and close when needed and extremely flexible with stacking properties for better storage availability.

If you are someone who eats salad often or likes to prepare meals in advance, these are excellent containers to use to store your meals for the next day. They do not provide an airtight seal but they can store food safely for multiple days in the fridge before it spoils.

They are 100% leakproof and made with an 18PE waterproof oil coating. This means if you put wet or soggy foods, they won’t get damaged or allow any liquids to seep through the bottom.

Boxes are sold in packs of 50 and hold up to 40 ounces of food. The exact container measurement is 15.7 x 10.3 x 7.5 inches.  

5. Stack Man Containers

Picture of Stack Man Containers

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Stack Man containers are smaller and best suited for fruits, vegetables, nuts, candy, and other similar foods. They come equipped with an airtight lid to give you maximum shelf-life for your food with a stackable composition and leak-proof construction. They are perfectly made for the freezer too.

The most appealing feature of these containers is how safe they are. There are no dangerous plastic or chemical materials included in the design. They are easy to close and fit perfect portion sizes for those looking to master the art of meal prepping to improve their health and habits.

They are one of the most affordable options included in this entire guide with 48 eight-ounce containers sold for only $12. You can also upgrade to larger sizes including both 16 ounces and 32 ounces to fit bigger quantities of food.

They are also dishwasher safe and easy to wash so you can reuse them for as long as you like. Once you decide you want to move on, they are 100% recyclable too.  

6. DuraHome Deli Containers

Picture of DuraHome Deli Containers

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The DuraHome deli containers are one of the most versatile options available for your kitchen made completely stackable, microwaveable, and recyclable. They give you every feature needed in a reliable food container. They also come in many different sizes for different use cases.

These containers are of premium quality with leak-proof storage. The lids seal airtight for excellent storage capabilities and extended shelf life. They are best made for freezer usage and withstand any temperature. The design is see-through so you know exactly what each container is storing without using any labels.

The ideal usage for these containers is to pack soups, salads, sauces, and any meal prepping you need daily. The versatility makes them easy to clean and completely reusable for as long as you would like. After usage, they can be recycled too.  

These containers are sold as a pack of 40 at affordable pricing. The available sizes include 8oz, 16oz, and 32oz. They can also be found in combo sets including a variety of different sizes at an excellent value cost.

7. NYHI Deli Containers

Picture of a NYHI Deli Container

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The NYHI deli containers are the perfect option for salad lovers. While they can hold many different foods, the sizing and design are perfect to mix up a meal with lightweight and ease. These are best served as a way to pack your lunches and dinners for later.

They come with snap-on lids that are completely airtight for better storage capabilities. They are also safe for usage in both the freezer and dishwasher. This means you can reuse these containers as much as you like and they clean easily.

They are made with clean materials and no risky chemicals or plastics. You can feel safe using these containers for you and your family. They are 32oz containers to fit plenty of food in each and they are sold in packs of 20 at an affordable price.    

8. Bloomoon Paper Cup Containers

Picture of Bloomoon Paper Cup Containers

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The Bloomoon paper cup containers are an ideal recyclable option for soup lovers. Other uses include coffee, ice cream, and other similar foods. They are freezer and microwave safe to provide you plenty of different options when using them.

They are sold in packs of 70 as 16oz containers. The eco-friendly material is kraft brown paper for better durability. They are PE coated for water and oil-proof finish. They do not leak and the lids seal tightly.

The container is heat tolerant too. You can heat up a meal and eat it right out of the container or you can place it directly in the freezer to use later.  

9. Stock Your Home Aluminum Pans

Picture of Stock Your Home Aluminum Pans

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Our last recyclable food container we will discuss in this guide is the Stock Your Home aluminum pan. These pans are better served as a way to cook, store, and serve larger dishes like BBQ, casseroles, and much more.

They are extremely durable and can be used to bake directly in the oven. They are available as a 25 pack or 30 pack and come with sealing lids. You can wash and reuse them afterward or simply recycle them.

These aluminum pans are safe for use in the freezer, oven, and dishwasher to give you plenty of methods for use in your home. They are high gauge with a rolled rim finish and stackable shape to make storage even easier.  

Benefits of Recyclable Food Containers

Implementing the usage of recyclable food containers as a part of your kitchen routine is an excellent way to take part in a greener movement while adding diversity to your kitchen. These products typically have many uses that can be helpful in different situations too.

Easy Disposal

Many of the products we mention are made to be easily disposed of. They are made from compostable or recyclable materials that can be thrown out. This means you save time and don’t need to wash products by hand or use harmful plastics that endanger the environment.

Versatile and Biodegradable

Eco-friendly products like recyclable food containers are made to be flexible options with multi-purpose uses. They are made from biodegradable material too so disposing of the products does no harm to you or the environment and contributes to less waste.


When you use containers made from harmful materials like Bisphenol A (BPA), you are not only endangering the environment but your health too. BPA is linked with many serious health issues found in people, especially children.

Some of the most notable health effects include brain exposure, increased blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. It also has a negative impact on children and fetuses that negatively impacts both their behavior and overall health.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Saving the environment is a collaborative effort across the world. When everybody is willing to chip in a little bit and make personal sacrifices by using recyclable materials, a bigger goal can be accomplished.

By using these containers, you are putting eco-friendly products first and making it a priority to reduce the consumption of harmful materials and your overall carbon footprint. A small sacrifice in your daily routine can be the change the world needs to see a larger global impact occur.  

The Verdict: What’s the Best Recyclable Food Container?

The Live Bamboo Glass Container is the best recyclable food container for a few reasons. First, it is made of a unique glass material that is more durable than a traditional glass finish. The bamboo lids are recyclable and make this an excellent eco-friendly product that provides the durability many competing products can’t match.

It can be used as fridge storage, freezer storage, or a microwavable dish providing versatile usage for anyone. We highly recommend this product as a necessary addition to your kitchen to improve your carbon footprint and food storage capabilities.

If you are looking for something that can store foods for longer rather than everyday usage, you can’t go wrong with the Viturio Ziplock bags. They are flexible in storage to maximize space with an excellent seal to increase the shelf-life of your foods, especially in the freezer.

Before choosing your next recyclable container, consider what is most important for you and what characteristics you need most from your food containers.