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Key Takeaways

  • Nutrient Survival makes fantastic survival food products that are easy to eat anywhere.
  • Most of their products include tasty natural ingredients and can last up to 25 years.
  • Some Nutrient Survival options may be expensive, but they are mostly high-quality.

If you’re looking to stock up on food products for a camping trip or survival scenario, you should read my review about Nutrient Survival products.

Nutrient Survival has a wide range of tasty food and drink products with an extremely long shelf life. Some of my favorite products include the Triple Cheese Mac, Hearty Lasagna, and Liquid Nutrient Mixed Berry. These products are made with high-quality ingredients that make them a good value.

Whether it’s prepared in a restaurant or freeze-dried, I’m a very picky eater when it comes to any kind of food. Though buying survival food that lasts long is a big priority, I want whatever I eat to be delicious enough to satisfy my taste buds so I can move forward wherever I am with as much energy and motivation as possible.

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Nutrient Survival Review

Nutrient Survival is a well-known manufacturer of pre-made meals, snacks, drink powders, and other food items that can be easily eaten in a survival situation.

Many of their products require little to no preparation to eat, which can come in handy when you’re in a deserted area.

Nutrient Survival products are often freeze-dried or processed in a way that effectively maximizes their shelf life.

These foods can be a great nutrition resource when going to locations far away from town.

I like to bring satisfying snacks or meal products that are delicious and easy to prepare.

Since I might also need to bring along non-food supplies with me, it's important that my food products be packed with as many calories and nutrients as possible.

As important as nutrition is to survive for days or weeks at a time, it’s also important to bring plenty of water and supplies such as camp gear, flashlights, knives, and other utility tools.

Is Nutrient Survival Better Than Other Survival Food Companies?

With the abundance of survival food companies on the market today, it's easy to find snacks, meals, and other food products that are affordable, tasty, easy to prepare, and store well in rough environments.

At first glance, the product offerings from Nutrient Survival might seem very expensive compared to emergency meals from other survival food brands.

However, I think the overall value for most Nutrient Survival meals is quite good considering how easy they are to store and prepare.

For foods with such a long life, many of their products are more delicious and satisfying than emergency food from other emergency food brands.

When weighing pricing against the amount of food included, it's important to factor in the water content that isn't included with many Nutrient Survival products.

After products are prepared with water, they may have much more volume and be much heartier than they might look before preparation.

Since these meal and snack products were designed to have an extensive shelf life, it’s not really fair to compare these products with standard meals prepared in a kitchen.

To make these survival foods feasible for an actual survival scenario, they have to be produced and packaged in an exceptionally secure and compact manner.

Nutrient Survival offers many special packs and bundles that cater to specific types of trips and survival needs.

If you plan to go on a camping trip for a few days, they have smaller packs that will give you a select set of meals and snacks that could last throughout that time.

If you plan to be away from home for an extensive period of time, or just want to prepare for a potentially lengthy disaster, you may opt for a survival bundle that can last between 30 to 90 days.

The ability for a bundle to satisfy your needs largely depends on the amount of people in your family or group, so you should be sure to account for that when choosing a bundle.

Though the pricing for Nutrient Survival meals may be relatively high, buying one of these bundles can help to save you time prepping your own food and will give you optimized shelf life from a qualified and experienced survival nutrition company.

One of the easiest types of Nutrient Survival food to bring along with you are bar-meals, which are not much larger than standard chocolate or granola bars.

Unlike typical cereal, granola, and energy bars you might find at a supermarket, Nutrient Survival’s bar-meals generally have a wider variety and larger amount of nutrients stuffed into portable packs that are easy to store and eat.

Many of their bar selections come with natural ingredients that help to pack in loads of flavors I crave after days away from town.

The Chocolate Crunch bar-meals had a distinct amount of crunch when I bit into it, which is not always the case for bars with the word “Crunch” in its name.

The Peanut Butter bar-meals were very satisfying and allowed me to feel much more nourished than a typical energy bar, even after taking just one bite of the bar-meal.

Though Nutrient Survival bars are designed to be meal replacement products, I only needed to take a few bites of one to feel as full as I would with a standard meal.

The nourishment capabilities of the bar-meals allowed me to only eat a small amount and save the rest for sustenance I would need later.

The quality ingredients and overall development of the bar-meals helps me to ration my food resources without the need for bulky storage devices.

Even when exposed to open air, the bar-meals stayed relatively fresh and tasty when I took a bite out of them hours later.

When artificial ingredients such as sweeteners, MSG, and preservatives are added, I often don’t feel satisfied after eating all of the food product.

I may often feel queasy or sick after I eat too much of a bar loaded with artificial ingredients.

The unnatural ingredients and lack of nutrients in some of these bars often do more harm to me than good.

Products that use tons of corn syrup or excessive amounts of salt and other additives are often not worth the price they cost.

Many products that have nice packaging and look delicious may end up making me feel nauseous due to the low-quality ingredients used.

Though you might have to pay more for premium nutrition products like those from Nutrient Survival, they may offer much more value due to their high-quality ingredients and non-perishable nature.

Nutrient Survival emergency food products go beyond the basic standards for taste and shelf life.

These products have a variety of flavors that can help keep your taste buds satisfied and your belly full.

Survival Food With A Long Shelf Life

Though their amazing shelf life isn't the main reason I like Nutrient Survival emergency meals, having an up to 25-year shelf life is certainly something that should be commended.

Nutrient Survival items with ingredients such as banana, chocolate, and vanilla actually taste like the flavors shown on the packaging.

When I feel like eating a banana, chocolate, or something with cinnamon, I can get the taste I want when eating a Nutrient Survival food product.

For a more complete meal experience, you can opt for a canned Nutrient Survival option that offers delicious meals such as lasagna, macaroni and cheese, and oatmeal.

These products can typically be prepared with only room temperature or boiled water.

As much as I appreciate the simplicity of boiled water, I may often find myself in a place where I have no way to boil water.

Since there is always a high likelihood of me not being able to boil water, I try to stick with dehydrated meal products that are truly ready to eat or only require room temperature water to prepare.

Since room temperature water is much easier to access than boiled water, buying Nutrient Survival food products that don’t require boiled water are usually my favorite options.

Some Of The Best Nutrient Survival Foods

Prepared With Cold Water Or No Water

Some of Nutrient Survival’s products that only require adding cold or room temperature water or can be consumed right out of the pack include the Powdered Vitamin Egg Blend, Maple Almond Grain Crunch, and Chocolate Grain Crunch.

Drink products from Nutrient Survival that only require water include the Creamy Chocolate Shake, Creamy Vanilla Shake, and Powdered Vitamin Milk.

To enhance the flavor of a meal, you can make their Powdered Vitamin Butter with room temperature water and have butter product to spread on bread and whatever else tastes better with butter.

Prepared With Boiled Water

If you don’t mind boiling water, you’ll have even more scrumptious Nutrient Survival food options at your disposal.

Some of their food products that require boiling water include the Nutrient Survival Southwestern Medley, Triple Cheese Mac, Homestyle Scramble, Hearty Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal, and Hearty Lasagna.

I’m a big fan of eggs and found the Nutrient Survival Homestyle Scramble to be wonderful as a gluten-free emergency food product with great nutritional value.

I found their Triple Cheesy Mac to have a cheesy enough taste for me to feel like I was eating macaroni and cheese at home.

The Triple Cheesy Mac product had a nice texture that was reminiscent of boxed macaroni and cheese products made with real pasta, milk, and cheese.

It may not have the taste of restaurant-quality macaroni and cheese, but it definitely hit the spot when I was looking for a bite of cheesy pasta.

The macaroni and cheese product was very simple for me to prepare and didn't require a ton of water.

Since I’m a bit of an Italian food fanatic, the Hearty Lasagna product also tasted very good to me.

Even as a survival meal, this canned meal had a distinct lasagna taste that helped to keep me satisfied and on the move during a hiking trip.

Though it wasn’t as good as an actual lasagna meal or even a microwavable frozen meal, I felt it gave me just enough of what I was looking for with minimal fuss.

Compared to eating a bar-meal, I felt the canned meals gave me much more of a robust eating experience and prevented me from feeling as though I was missing something.

Nutrient-Dense Drink Packs With Essential Vitamins

The drink packs from Nutrient Survival are another easy way to add nutrients and flavor to your survival meal and hydration kits.

I like that I can easily carry dozens of these packs with me and use them every day to make delicious and healthy drinks.

The drink packets could simply be torn open and placed into a bottle of water for mixing or shaking.

Since I usually bring an airtight bottle with me, it’s easy for me to mix drinks with clean water I get from my surroundings.

It only took a few seconds for me to add a Nutrient Survival drink packet and shake it up to be ready to drink.

I felt most of the packets had great taste and weren't too sweet and they all gave me a well-balanced feeling that went beyond the effects of plain drinking water.

I really enjoyed drinking the Immune Boost Citrus Orange, Liquid Nutrient Lemon Lime, and Liquid Nutrient Mixed Berry flavors.

I appreciated the way the mixed berry flavoring was just a little tart and not too overpowering.

I didn’t particularly enjoy the BrainShake coffee product, but I tend to not like instant coffee products as a whole.

I don't think the coffee product tastes terrible, but it just wasn't what I expected after reading the packaging and seeing pictures of the coffee.

Nutrient Survival Food For Breakfast

One of the most interesting products Nutrient Survival has are the breakfast packs, which include oatmeal, egg, and milk products.

These products were easy to prepare and gave me the feeling of eating an authentic restaurant breakfast.

Of course, no survival food products are a match for an actual breakfast with hash brown, eggs, and toast, but being able to eat an egg product in the wilderness made me feel more at home during my rugged hiking trip.