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Every kitchen has experienced a time when organization seemed impossible. But it can be fixed by learning how to organize glass food storage containers.

This happens when you simply fill up your drawers and cabinets with containers and lids with no real purpose. Things fall out when opening your cabinets or your kitchen drawers constantly get stuck when trying to open them. This can be a nightmare.

To figure out how to end this madness, you should start by getting all of your glass containers and lids washed. Once clean, they should be separated because storing them in different places is necessary. You can find the area with the optimal amount of space to stack these containers together.

Glass food containers are great for storing food because they keep it fresh and prevent the growth of bacteria. In this guide, we will explore some tips to help you organize your glass storage containers best. You can also learn the best places at home to store and organize them too.

Organizing glass containers can be a difficult task. However, there are many ways to get it done successfully. We have outlined some tips on how you can make it happen in your own home below too.

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How To Organize Glass Food Storage Containers

There are many different ways to organize your containers, but it is most important to do what works best in your home. This depends on the space you have and the types of containers you have too.

Organizing these types of containers can be a daunting task, but with a few tips and tricks, it can be a lot easier. This guide will make your life much easier and create a neater kitchen for you to work from.

The different methods are endless. Some people like to stack them while others like to store them in less used areas inside cabinets. We recommend stackable containers for people who need to optimize storage space as best as possible.

After using your containers, you can follow these steps to properly organize and store your containers for a cleaner, neater, and more organized kitchen.

Wash Containers & Lids Thoroughly

Before putting your glass containers into storage, wash them and the lids thoroughly. This is a basic precaution that you should take before storing any glass containers.

You should never put food or drinks in a container that has not been washed properly. The reason for this is to avoid any bacterial growth on the inside of the container.

If you have a dishwasher, then use it to clean the containers and lids. If not, then fill your sink with warm water and soap and scrub the containers with your hands or an old dish brush until they are clean.

Once they have been cleaned and dried, you can begin focusing on the organization and storage process.

Separate Containers & Lids

Now you can separate the glass containers and lids. Storing them separately is much easier for organization and it will help you avoid losing lids or mixing them up.

We recommend getting rid of all the loose items that do not have a match too. They can take up unnecessary storage space and because they do not have a match, they cannot be used for storage in the future either.

This can be frustrating when you want to organize your kitchen because you have to find a way to store these items separately. You can use this clever storage hack that separates glass containers and lids so that they are easier to store and organize.

Determine The Best Storage Location

Glass containers are great for storing many types of food. They are also very versatile and can be used to store a variety of different types of food.

These containers come in all shapes and sizes, which means that you should find the best storage location for your glass container based on what you need it for. Keep in mind the amount of space you will need too.

Glass containers are fragile and break easily, so they should be placed in a secure area so that they are less likely to get knocked over. Every home is designed differently so you need to figure out what works best for you.

Organize Containers By Size & Shape

Organizing your containers by size and shape will help you to find the container that you need quickly. It also allows you to stack containers easily and fit more in one place for extra storage space.

The first step is to categorize your containers in order from smallest to largest. You will notice that they can be combined into specific areas in your cabinets or pantry for better storage too.

Consider Buying Organizational Accessories To Help

The other great thing to keep in mind is using organizational tools and accessories to help with your storage needs. For example, you can buy a lid shelf that perfectly fits all of your container lids into one place.

You can also try hanging racks inside of your cabinets or on the cabinet doors. This gives you even more storage space if you are having a tough time finding places to safely and securely store your glass containers.

Can You Stack Glass Food Storage Containers?

There are many different ways to store these glass containers, but the most common method is stacking them on top of each other. It helps with organization and also saves space.

Glass containers are also a great way to cut down on plastic waste because you can use them more than once. The only problem with glass containers is that they take up a lot of space when not in use.

This is why it is necessary to stack them to optimize your storage space. The key to stacking most glass containers is finding a way to keep them from sliding around on one another.

Glass containers are also more expensive, heavier, and have a shorter shelf life, but they can be stacked if you use care when storing them. Keep them in areas where they can’t fall or shatter too, like inside drawers or at the back of cabinets.

Where Should You Store Glass Food Storage Containers?

There are a few primary considerations when deciding where to store glass containers like safety and convenience. It ultimately comes down to the set up in your home and what could work best.

The most popular storage areas to keep glass food containers organized are in a pantry, lazy susan, cabinet drawers, or old bins and bookcases underneath countertops. Each option can work exceptionally well to stay organized.


The best place to store glass containers is in the pantry. This is because it is the most accessible location for the container and it will not be knocked over by other items.

However, not everybody has access to a pantry with enough size and storage space to hold containers and food.

Lazy Susan

The Lazy Susan can also be a good place to store glass containers because they are easy to grab and put away. However, this location will not provide as much protection as the pantry or cabinets.

A Lazy Susan can also hold other kitchen items, such as spices or cooking utensils, so it’s an efficient use of space in the house. You should limit the amount of stacking you do with the containers in a Lazy Susan too.

Bins & Bookcases

Boxes and bins are a good place to store glass containers if you have an old one lying around that you don't use anymore. But these can also get knocked over if they are not placed in a secure area.

You can put these bins or boxes inside your cabinets, on the floor in your pantry, or anywhere that is safe yet easy to access.


Cabinet drawers are a good place to store glass containers because they are out of sight, but there may not be enough space in the drawer for all of them.

A useful tip is to buy dividers for your drawers to store the containers and the container lids. It keeps everything organized well and in the safest area.