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Key Takeaways

  • Orzo is not gluten-free because it is produced from durum wheat
  • If you have celiac disease, it is not advisable to take orzo
  • There are few gluten-free orzo in the market that are produced with different ingredients
  • There are orzo alternatives you can prepare in different cuisines
  • Orzo is an Italian pasta made from durum wheat

Orzo is a popular Italian pasta that is used in different varieties of dishes and cuisines. So, is orzo gluten-free?

Orzo usually contains gluten because it is produced from durum wheat semolina flour. Since there is gluten in many forms of flour, it indicates that orzo contains gluten. Therefore, individuals suffering from gluten sensitivity and celiac disease should look for gluten free orzo.

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About Orzo

The orzo pasta is a popular Italian pasta worldwide because of its versatility and one can cook with different cuisines and dishes. Many forms of pasta are not difficult to prepare and are a delicious product to take.

Another advantage with orzo is that it is regarded as an affordable food. Moreover, should you have any left-over food, you can easily pack it, and use it at another time.

The name orzo is more frequently used in North America due to its popular consumption, but in Italy, it is less popular and is referred to as barley. Typically, orzo is traditionally made from flour manufactured from durum wheat.

Even though orzo has its roots in Italy, it is popularly used in different cuisines worldwide, including in meals such as soups, sauces, and vegetables.

On nutritional value, orzo is rich in protein, and when combined with other meals that are rich in protein, it will aid in muscular growth and increase immunity. In addition to that, the consumption of orzo can give one energy and help in reducing fatigue.

If one takes orzo with brown rice, then one can effectively manage weight. The food has a lot of fiber and it can give an individual the feeling of being full, thereby reducing one’s appetite.

Protein also helps maintain your appetite by regulating the hunger hormone. Additionally, taking brown rice orzo helps you lose weight and feel fuller due to a high dietary carbohydrate level.

As you can see, orzo is a delicious and nutritious product that you should try.

About Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is a medical condition where the body’s immune system attacks its tissues after consumption of food containing gluten. This leads to the gradual damage of the small intestines. When you neglect this condition, the symptoms can deteriorate, and in rare cases, it can lead to surgery.

There are many Americans who live with celiac disease without being aware of this. Signs and symptoms that come with celiac disease include bloating, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. In addition to that, people with celiac disease may feel tired throughout the day.

There is a lot of information which is not yet known about celiac disease. For example, the causes of celiac disease are not clearly known, but scientists believe that genetics and environmental factors take the bulk of the blame.

Thus, there is only one known way of managing celiac disease- avoiding gluten by all means. You are going to avoid this through knowing which foods contain gluten and which ones do not.

Is Orzo Gluten-Free?

So, is orzo gluten free? Orzo contains gluten because it is produced from durum wheat. Since gluten is an active protein component in wheat and all other flour forms, orzo is not gluten-free.

Therefore, by taking this product, you will not be taking gluten free orzo pasta and a gluten free diet.

Therefore, individuals with gluten intolerance, gluten sensitivity and celiac disease should either choose related pasta that is gluten-free or choose gluten free orzo.

It is in the best interest if an individual chooses foods which are naturally gluten free in order to avoid the negative health consequences of celiac disease and its related conditions. .

Fortunately, with technological improvement and comprehensive health research, it is possible to get a gluten-free orzo made from other ingredients such as rice flour and corn flour. Even though there is gluten-free orzo, they will not taste the same way as the traditional orzo.

Gluten-free pasta, one of the gluten free orzo brands, is characterized by a plastic taste and lacks the texture of the traditional orzo.

Additionally, some gluten-free pasta made from processed food may have a slightly gluey texture. If you wish to consume a gluten-free orzo, you can check the following orzo brands:

The Delallo Orzo

One of the top brands of orzo to buy is the Delallo gluten free Orzo which is a gluten free version of delallo. The Delallo gluten free is finely milled pasta made from 30% rice flour and 70%corn flour. It has been licensed to be gluten-free and is suitable for everyone regardless of whether you have no gluten problems, have  celiac condition, or are gluten sensitive. With this product, you will be taking delallo’s gluten free pasta.

Jovial Foods Organic Orzo

Jovial food is a brand that focuses on producing high-quality orzo by following the orzo culture for over a century. This organic pasta is suitable for everyone since it is free from gluten, cereals, legumes, and lectin ingredients.

Additionally, for every serving, you will get 4 grams of fiber and 100% organic. Therefore, if you adhere to gluten, lectin, and other ingredients, the jovial organic orzo is a fantastic option.

Organic pasta is adaptable to different cuisines because it tastes well with various sauces and soups. When preparing the pasta, do not stir continually because it may stick.

Are There Natural Alternatives To Gluten-Free Orzo?

If you want to avoid buying a gluten free orzo, there are alternatives to pasta. There are also various favorite gluten free recipes that one can experiment in. The following are some of the alternatives:

Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower rice provides a good alternative for individuals who completely avoid flour or wheat grains and will be taking gluten free orzo. Typically, cauliflower flower is characterized by a naturally low carbohydrate level, is keto-friendly, and is completely gluten-free.

Like orzo, cauliflower is also adaptable and can be used in pasta sauces and pasta salad that should be served with a sauce because cauliflower tends to become moist if it is pre-frozen.

Arborio Rice

Arborio rice provides a better alternative for orzo because they are similar in shape and can be served with many similar cuisines. Arborio rice provides a perfect substitute because it does not limit any dietary limitations due to the lack of gluten and GMOs.

Regarding its preparation, it will only take 10 minutes for the Arborio rice to be ready. Additionally, it gives a good taste and a distinctive texture that is easy to chew.


Quinoa is an ideal substitute because, just like the orzo, it can be served hot or cold and has a similar size to the orzo.

Additionally, quinoa can be served with pasta salads and soups and may require a sauce after a long time; soups generally become dry after a while since quinoa has high absorption.

The only fundamental distinction between orzo and quinoa is the shape. Quinoa is small and round, while orzo is short and flat. Nonetheless, it still provides an ideal substitute for orzo.


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