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Key Takeaways

  • Naturally, peanut butter should be gluten-free
  • Peanut butter consists of a variety of nutritious ingredients
  • Peanut butter can contain gluten through cross-contamination
  • Check the products label to confirm that it is certified gluten free
  • Most US brands sell gluten-free peanut butter

Peanut butter contains many helpful nutrients that play a significant role in kids' and adults' diets. But is peanut butter gluten free? We have the answers.

Most legitimate brands that manufacture peanut butter ensure it does not contain gluten. However, there is a likelihood of getting gluten in your product through cross-contamination, mainly if the brands manufacture peanut butter with other products that contain gluten as an element.

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Historical Background And Significance Of Peanut Butter

Most research studies indicate that the manufacture of peanut butter began in South America. The butter became popular and was distributed in other parts of the world through ships as the primary mode of transport.

Today, the use of peanut butter brands, especially natural peanut butter, is a common diet practice. For example, no stir peanut butter has palm oil added and this can be very nutritious.

Peanut butter is made in different ways depending on the texture you like. For instance, you can buy peanut butter as either smooth or crunchy, where smooth peanut butter is suitable for eating with a sandwich, while crunchy peanut butter is preferred for eating cookies.

Regarding the nutrient source, peanut butter is high in sodium, minerals, and proteins when manufactured naturally. Some peanut brands also prefer adding other elements such as sugar, oil, or chocolate to create a global peanut butter variety.

Therefore, checking on peanut butter's ingredients before buying a product from a given brand is advisable in order to evaluate if it's gluten free.

Peanut butters such as classic peanut butter do not have preservatives making this a healthy choice. As a matter of fact, the packaging materials used are environmentally friendly.

But, is peanut butter gluten free? Will you be taking a gluten free diet if you choose to eat peanut butter? What about specific peanut butter brands such as organic peanut butter?

Is Peanut Butter Gluten-Free?

Celiac disease and general gluten sensitivity is becoming a common health problem. Such people resign to the fact that they have to avoid wheat products, and have to take a gluten free diet.

Even after years of medical research, Celiac disease does not have a known cure. The only viable and sustainable option is taking a gluten free diet and gluten free food. Foods which are naturally gluten free are even better.

People with celiac disease notice symptoms when they take gluten, and the symptoms subsidize when they take gluten free foods.

Many consumers do ask, is peanut butter gluten free? Peanut butter should be gluten free because the manufacturing process is natural and does not contaminate the product with gluten compounds, and most peanut butter brands adhere to this with a gluten free label to show.

In the US, most peanut butter manufacturing brands ensure that their peanuts are gluten-free by ensuring the manufacturing process is as natural as possible in order to come up with natural peanut butter.

Thus, peanut butter gluten free is a healthy product and safe, for example, honey peanut butter and organic peanut butter.

However, there are a few brands whose peanut butter may have gluten added due to processes such as cross-contamination. Cross-contamination occurs when brands manufacture a variety of products other than peanut butter in their machines.

Manufacturing products such as wheat and other gluten-containing products may contaminate peanut butter, making it gluten sensitive, and thus, you will be taking peanut butter gluten.

Additionally, most legitimate peanut brands will specify whether their products are gluten-free on the label provided, and it is advisable to check before you buy the product.

Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that you buy peanut butter from a certified brand to avoid having you or your kids suffer from diseases or allergies due to gluten sensitivity.

4 US Peanut Brands That Are Gluten-Free

Although most of the US peanut brands provide gluten-free peanut butter, a few brands contain gluten in minimal quantities, and they will have a gluten free label. The following are some of the best brands to buy peanut butter from:

Peter Pan

The Peter pan brand is one of the popular peanut brands owned by ConAgra foods. The brand manufactures a variety of peanut butter, such as reduced-fat, honey-roasted, or whipped peanut butter.

On their label, the brand states that their product has been manufactured without adding any ingredient that could have gluten, and thus, they are certified gluten free.

Additionally, the manufactured product must pass the company’s gluten test by having less than 20 ppm gluten level during production for it to be deemed gluten-free. Therefore, if there is a Peter Pan peanut butter store near you, it is safe to buy from them since their products are gluten-free.


Even though Smuckers distributes its peanut butter to brands such as Adams and Jif, they also offer their brand of unique peanut butter. According to the company, their products are labeled gluten-free because the gluten test is less than 20 ppm.

Additionally, their ingredients verify the lack of gluten since it does not consist of elements with gluten. The Jif brand also has a gluten-free label on the peanut butter jar.

However, keep in mind that Smuckers does not only produce peanut butter; they produce other related products that may contain gluten. But since they ensure their machines are gluten-free before peanut production begins, the likelihood of getting gluten is minimal.


Justin’s provides one of the most flavored peanut butter since they blend it with other natural elements such as honey. The brand has a gluten-free certificate proving their product has gluten levels lower than 10 ppm.

Other Justin’s products, such as the peanut butter snack packs, are also gluten-free. However, the pretzels are the only Justin’s product that contains peanut butter and gluten.

Therefore, if you are gluten intolerant, ensure you do not buy pretzels.

Peanut Butter And Company

The peanut butter Co is a sandwich shop in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City that sells high-quality peanut butter, jams, and other baking mixes.

The GFCO, which mandates that peanut butter should have 10 ppm of gluten level or concentration, has certified and proved the company gluten-free. However, the simply smooth and simply crunchy peanut butter are the only varieties that contain gluten.


The Skippy brand produces various peanut butter flavors and textures using additional ingredients such as honey and other nuts. According to the brand's label and FAQs, all the peanut butter varieties are gluten-free.