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One of the essential components of a preppers food pantry is powdered milk. What are the five best-tasting powdered milk brands for long-term storage?

With the ever-increasing cost of basic groceries, purchasing primary food resources designed for long storage is skyrocketing. Many families are buying in bulk, using emergency rations, and developing a survival plan in the event of an emergency. Companies are marketing ready-to-eat products like never before. How can you tell what kind of product is the best in taste and will last a long time should you need them? An essential component or any food pantry that will be stored for a long time is powdered milk, which can be used for cereal, mixes, batters, and a whole host of other recipes.

The five best-tasting powdered milk brands are:

  • Bob’s Red Mill Powdered Milk
  • Augason Farms Country Fresh Powdered Milk
  • Nestle NIDO Fortifica Powdered Milk
  • Anthony’s Dry Powdered Milk
  • Hoosier Hill Farms

The last thing you want to do is to purchase a powdered milk product that will not last very long or end up tasting like diluted chalk when you mix it up. What’s the point of having powdered milk as a staple if no one if your family can stand to drink it? You need a milk product that is good enough to be used for various items, such as a drink, over cereal, or even mixed into recipes to make sauces and soups. And what about storage? If the powdered spoils won’t last for any length of time during an emergency, what good is it?

This article reviews the five best-selling milk substitutes that can be stored in your food pantry and taste amazingly good. We will give you some primary reasons why we like these products and even some links to pursue should you wish to purchase.

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Why Should Powdered Milk Be in Long-Term Pantry?

There are several reasons to consider adding powdered milk to your long-term storage plan.

Powdered Milk Has Many Applications

In other words, this substance can be used in different forms to enhance recipes. Cakes, mixes, mashed potatoes, cereal products, oatmeal, or just as a fortified drink for the kids are just a few examples.

Powdered Milk has Lots of Vitamins - Nutrients.

There are lots of vitamins and nutrients that are found in milk products. Some companies add iron, calcium, and vitamins to their products, which can be helpful to the immune systems of your families should some kind of pandemic happen. If other foodstuffs are scarce, you can at least get some vitamins into the bodies of your families by offering them milk each day.

Powdered Milk is Easy to Store

The powder forms of staples are always easier to store long-term. Just think how much fridge space you would need to keep fresh milk, and even then, you couldn’t be confident about spoilage. Unless you want to start your dairy farm or invest in a bunch of goats for their daily milk, you are much better off storing dried milk.

There are various sizes and forms of packaging to provide options for survivalists. You can store them in large buckets, 1 and 2 lb cans, or even smaller packets. Many preppers buy the smaller packets and store them in a larger container so that they only use what they can consume in a typical week (gallon or two).

Powdered Milk Lasts Longer

Powdered milk can last up to 20 years if it is stored properly. This means that it can be an integral part of any food preppers plan.

What Are The Best Tasting Powdered Milk Brands?

There are various milk powder products to choose from, but here are five we think rise above the rest.

Bob’s Red Mill Powdered Milk

Founded by an interest in stone milling grains, the owners' Bob and Charlee Moore, opened their first flour mill in Redding, CA, as a second career. Eventually, they retired to Milwaukie, Ore, to pursue a seminary degree, but they discovered a working old red mill there. They opened the mill and began to offer a wide variety of stone ground flours and spices. Eventually, they expanded their inventory to include powdered milk, grains, granola, mixes, and more. A few years later, significant retail chains were picking up their products to sell in their stores, and the popularity of Bob’s Red Mill products took off. Although the company has had some setbacks over the years (including a fire in 1988 that completely gutted the operation), it has succeeded in continuing a tradition of providing an excellent product. The current company is 100% employee-owned, which is a testament to the vision of Bob and Charlee Moore’s commitment to take care of their employees and keep things focused on their mission - to offer healthy grains to people worldwide.

Price $16.47 per 1.3 lb pack

Click on Today’s Price or visit the manufacturer’s website @ bobsredmill.com.

Why We Like it

  • American made
  • Company is employee-owned
  • Makes a variety of products
  • Has a Chocolate Milk Powder that is Great

Why We Would Pass

Not the cheapest, but taste makes up for it

Augason Farms Country Fresh Non-Fat Powdered Milk

Augason Farms have been producing long-term food storage products since 1972 when it launched a milk powder called Morning Moo’s. Since then, the company has expanded into offering over 130 products that include everything survival foodwise. From emergency food prep and meal kits to freeze-dried fruits, you can supply your entire pantry through this company. Several big box stores offer their products, but you cannot order directly from the company's website. This product is the number 2 best seller on Amazon and rates 4.7 out of 5 stars. When you visit the website, check out their blog, there are a couple of good introductory what-to-do articles that are worth checking out. While I prefer to bypass the markup by the middle-man (big box stores), I think that Augason is missing a huge market by not offering any kind of purchasing option from the farm.

Price $16.78 per 1.3 lb can

Click on Today’s Price or visit the manufacturer’s website @ augasonfarms.com.

Why We Like it

  • American made
  • Highly rated and reviewed
  • Makes a variety of products
  • Can Purchase almost anywhere

Why We Would Pass

  • Cannot buy directly from the company

Hoosier Hill Farms All American Powdered Milk

This basic farm is located in Northeast Indiana and produces good quality products for survivalists, families preparing for a crisis, or folks looking for good homemade stuff. Their website is not as slick as their competitors, but then it doesn’t have to be. (That is one of the charms that attracted me to the site. They don’t waste time worrying about marketing. They just make a good product). Hoosier Hills Farms now offers a whole host of items, from mixes to freeze-dried fruits and nuts, to popcorn and candies. (In addition, the company has a wholesale program designed to attract purveyors who might want to sell their products as well). The dry milk is offered in plastic tubs, which means that after ten years or so, there could be some plastic taste in the formula. However, the plastic will prevent rust or contamination from other sources, like moisture or heat.

This company is #3 on the Amazon best sellers list for powdered milk.

Price $16.78 per 1.3 lb can

Click on Today’s Price or visit the manufacturer’s website @ Hoosierhillfarms.com.

Why We Like it

  • American made
  • Small Business Support
  • Makes a variety of products
  • Extensive Variety of Homemade Goods

Why We Would Pass

  • The website can be confusing at times

Nestle NICO Fortifica Powdered Milk

Nestle is the big boy in powdered milk, having made instant baby formula for years. They also do chocolates with candy bars. The powdered milk is quite good, fortified with vitamins and nutrients.

The supply chain interruption during the past year, which put baby formula at a premium, sent this product through the roof as more and more families struggled to find and purchase powdered milk they could use for their babies. Nestle makes a lot of products designed for children, so you have lots of options should you need a powder centered on kids' nutritional needs rather than family. Many families purchase these products to supplement their grocery bills since dairy prices continue to rise.

This is the #1 seller on Amazon and has a 4.7 rating out of 5.

Price $16.58 per 3.0 lb can

Click on Today’s Price or visit the manufacturer’s website @ nestle.com

Why We Like it

  • Most reasonably priced
  • VarietpricedSizes
  • Large Company with Lots of Products
  • Available in any Store

Why We Would Pass

  • Large company - no personal service

Anthony's Whole Milk Powder

Anthony’s is a company based out of California that has embraced the alternative lifestyle. Their powdered milk is excellent, and their manufacturing process is pure. The folks are Anthony’s     No additives, No GMO, nothing but dehydrated milk products. They offer grains, seeds, nuts, and fruits,, but the pantry staples are the best sellers. This company loves what it does. They also offer a discount if you order more than a few packets. Anthony’s works directly with farmers worldwide to offer lots of products from seeds, powders, and all kinds of superfoods.

Anthony’s offers a dried cocoa powder which is very popular.

Price $17.99 per 2.0 lb packet

Click on Today’s Price or visit the manufacturer’s website @ anthonysgoods.com.

Why We Like it

  • Most reasonably priced
  • Variety priced Sizes
  • Large Company with Lots of Products
  • Available in any Store

Why We Would Pass

  • Large company - no personal service

How Should I Store Powdered Milk Products?

You should do several things before you plan a long-term storage pantry.

Make a Plan for the Space

Any pantry area you choose should be free of insects, moisture, light, and temperature controlled. Insects can infiltrate even the best of pantries, so you want to use and stock your pantry frequently. Many families who stockpile items to offset groceries habitually use their pantries and keep them clean and free of debris (Debris and clutter attract bugs).

Insects can hide larvae inside food products as well as attack food items from outside the packaging. You should also inspect your food studs that might have signs of spoilage.

Moisture is the culprit in food stores. Humidity allows various microorganisms, bacteria, and fungi to start (particularly if items are not stored correctly)—store products in sealed containers, off the floor, and in a temperature-controlled environment.

Light can be another factor in developing nasty stuff that gets into food. When exposed to light, powdered products can begin to break down, affecting their longevity. If you plan on having your food storage unit around for a while, designate a place that is dark or dimly lit so that your products will not spoil prematurely.

Make A Plan for Usage - Develop a FIFO Plan.

Some powders.s last longer than others. While most products purchased in the stores have best-by dates, the powdered products many companies offer are designed to last longer. Having a FIFO (First In, First Out) plan will ensure that your family gets optimum usage from the pantry.

Since a flood or tornado could wreak havoc on a food pantry, be sure to order containers that are easy to move, should you need to get to them quickly?

Make A Plan to Introduce Milk Substitutes Now

Rather than wait and spring powdered milk on your family when a national emergency happens, start exposing your family to the taste and consistency of the milk now. This allows you to experiment with the right amount of powder you need to use, and when some future event happens, the move to milk substitutes is less of a shock to your family’s systems.


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