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Key Takeaways

  • The WaterBOB is a highly practical and cost-effective emergency water storage solution.
  • With a storage capacity of up to 100 gallons, the WaterBOB provides an impressive amount of safe drinking water during emergency situations.
  • Due to its food-grade plastic, the WaterBOB keeps the stored water safe for up to 16 weeks.
  • With a price point of around $35, the WaterBOB is a budget-friendly option for those looking to establish emergency water storage without breaking the bank.
  • The WaterBOB is incredibly simple to set up and utilize, but you need to ensure that you have 15 to 30 minutes to fill the bladder when an emergency is announced.

If you find yourself in an emergency situation without water, the WaterBOB is a remarkable solution for storing fresh water in your bathtub during disasters.

The WaterBOB is a large, durable, 100-gallon emergency water storage bladder that fits perfectly in your bathtub. It's affordable and made from FDA-approved, food-grade plastic, ensuring water safety for up to 16 weeks, making it ideal for unforeseen circumstances and emergencies.

In this article, we will combine our expertise with the most reliable sources available to provide you with an in-depth review of the WaterBOB. We will discuss this lifesaving product's key features, benefits, and potential drawbacks, so you can decide if it's the right emergency water storage option for your needs.

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What Is the WaterBOB?

When dealing with legitimate emergencies, the one resource you want to have readily available is water. You can go for days or even weeks without eating food, but you should not expect to last more than 3 days without water.

The WaterBOB is an innovative, emergency water storage solution that is designed to fit into a standard bathtub. This resourceful product can store an impressive 100 gallons of fresh water, ensuring you have potable water when disaster strikes or during water scarcity.

Constructed from strong, food-grade plastic, the WaterBOB guarantees that water stays fresh and clean for up to 16 weeks.

Widely acknowledged for its practicality and affordability, the WaterBOB is easy to use and typically costs around $35. Unlike traditional water storage solutions such as large barrels or bottled water packages, the WaterBOB comes with the benefit of saving valuable storage space when not in use.

Overall, the WaterBOB is a simple, reliable, and trustworthy option that allows you to be prepared for emergencies while ensuring your family's drinking water remains safe and accessible.

WaterBOB Features

Large Capacity

The WaterBOB is a unique emergency water storage device designed to store a significant amount of water for emergency use.

With its massive 100-gallon capacity, this bathtub water bladder ensures that you have ample fresh water on hand in case of emergencies.

Ease of Use

Installing and using the WaterBOB is a breeze, even in stressful situations. It is designed to fit any standard bathtub, allowing for quick and easy filling when needed.

Moreover, it comes with a siphon pump, making it convenient for drinking, cooking, or washing purposes.


Constructed from heavy-duty, food-grade material, the WaterBOB is built to last!

Despite its affordable price tag of around $35, it offers a reliable water storage solution with a focus on durability and practicality for emergency situations. Investing in a quality product to contain your potable water is essential if you want to rely on it during a disaster.

While the WaterBOB is not puncture-proof, it will withstand most impacts, including earthquake tremors.


One of the key features of the WaterBOB is its emphasis on water safety. The food-grade plastic used in its construction is FDA-approved, ensuring that the stored water remains fresh and clean for up to 16 weeks.

This impressive storage time makes it an excellent choice for those preparing for long-term emergencies, unexpected water supply interruptions, and other natural disasters.

WaterBOB: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Long shelf life Too big for some bathtubs
100-gallon capacity 15 to 30 minutes notice is required (to fill the bladder)
BPA-free materials Single-use
Affordable Not puncture-proof
Convenient pump system Imported product (China)


1. Long Shelf Life

One of the main advantages of the WaterBOB is its long shelf life and large water storage capacity. You can safely store water for at least 16 weeks using the WaterBOB until you start running into risks of contamination.

Given that most emergencies just last several hours or a couple of days, you should be able to count on the WaterBOB for most disaster scenarios.

That said, by adding water purification tablets to the container, you can significantly reduce the risk of contaminated water, improving the shelf-life of the stored water.

2. 100 Gallon Capacity

It can hold up to 100 gallons of water, making it an excellent emergency water storage solution.

When I take care of my emergency planning, I always calculate 1 gallon of water for every person in my household. Given the 100-gallon capacity of the WaterBOB, you have upwards of 3+ months of water for a single-member household and as much as 25+ days for a standard family.

3. BPA-Free Materials

BPA is a harmful chemical found in most single-use plastic water bottles, which is why survivalists never recommend bottled water as a long-term solution for emergencies.

This bathtub bladder is made from BPA-free, food-grade plastic, ensuring that the stored water remains safe for consumption without the risk of chemicals leeching into the supply.

4. Affordable

Investing in emergency equipment for your home can quickly add up. Not everyone can afford to invest hundreds or even thousands of dollars in a sophisticated water storage system, which is why I particularly like the WaterBOB for its affordability.

The WaterBOB provides a budget-friendly option for emergency water storage, with its price hovering around $35. You can take care of your primary water storage needs without breaking the bank thanks to the WaterBOB.

5. Convenient Pump System

Accessing water from a plastic bladder this big can be challenging. There are a lot of products that advertise water emergency solutions that complicate accessing the actual water from the product. Not the WaterBOB!

Thanks to the siphon pump and vent cap included with the WaterBOB, accessing water from the bladder is effortless and you can avoid spillage and wastage completely with optimal water flow.


1. Too Big for Some Bathtubs

Despite its many advantages, the WaterBOB does have some drawbacks.

For instance, its 100-gallon carrying capacity might be unrealistic for most households, considering the average bathtub can hold only around 70 gallons of water. The remaining water may overfill the tub and be problematic to deal with.

This means that a significant portion of the WaterBOB's capacity might go unused, particularly if your bathtub cannot hold its full capacity.

2. 15 to 30 Minutes of Notice Required

Unless you plan on keeping the WaterBOB filled and stored in your bathtub at all times, the required notice to fill the bladder is a major drawback for some survivalists.

Given that the WaterBOB is usually stored empty and only filled when an emergency is announced, you need at least 15 to 30 minutes to fill the product up to 100 gallons.

3. Single-Use

The WaterBOB is officially advertised as a single-use product, which is surprising to many buyers considering the food-grade and BPA-free materials used in the design.

Technically, you are supposed to dispose of the WaterBOB after using it in an emergency. However, many preppers have re-used the bladder for other things such as holding water for sanitation and washing.

4. Not Puncture-Proof

Water bladders are notorious for rupturing due to small holes and punctures, which can ruin an entire water supply.

While the WaterBOB should be relatively safe in your bathtub, you want to take precautions to keep it away from sharp objects. This is less of a concern with other water storage solutions such as containers and barrels.

5. Imported Product (China)

Another downside is that the WaterBOB is produced in China. This factor might dissuade some customers who are concerned about the product's manufacturing process and prefer to invest in locally made goods.

Who Should Buy the WaterBOB?

The WaterBOB is perfect for hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms, rolling blackouts, or fires. If you are creating an emergency plan for these kinds of natural disasters, the WaterBOB is a great product.

In addition, the WaterBOB is ideal for anyone who is shopping on a budget. Not all preppers have the bankroll to splurge on a huge water tank, with the WaterBOB being a relatively cheap product by comparison.

However, it's essential to note that the WaterBOB may not be suitable for all situations. If you are planning for an emergency that limits your time for preparation, the WaterBOB may not be the best product given that it can take upwards of half an hour to fill the bladder.

As long as users get 15-30 minutes of notice to fill it, it can serve as a reliable emergency water storage solution for any prepper.

Price and Availability

The WaterBOB is a budget-friendly emergency water storage solution. Given the affordable price tag of around $35, it’s an accessible option for many households looking to prepare for unforeseen situations.

It is available for purchase on various platforms such as Amazon, where customers can benefit from free returns and quick shipping options. The WaterBOB can also be found on other websites and stores that focus on emergency preparedness products.

For those interested in obtaining a WaterBOB, it is crucial to take advantage of sales or promotions when available, as this will help to save even more on the already budget-friendly price.

Where to Buy the WaterBOB

How to Use the WaterBOB

Any water storage system that you include in your emergency preparation should be quick and accessible, which is why so many preppers and survivalists rely on this product.

Follow these instructions to use the WaterBOB!

  1. Unfold the WaterBOB and place it in your tub. Lay the bladder flat, ensuring it completely covers the base of the bathtub.
  2. Attach the hose to your bathtub's faucet by securing it around the spout. Double-check that the connection is tight, preventing any water leakage.
  3. Turn on the faucet and begin filling the WaterBOB bladder. It will take about 15 to 30 minutes for the bladder to fill completely, depending on your water pressure.
  4. Keep an eye on the filling process, checking the bladder's expansion and hose connection regularly. This helps ensure that everything is working as it should.
  5. If you plan to use water purification drops, add them shortly after filling the bladder. This ensures proper treatment and prevents you from forgetting to add them later.
  6. When the WaterBOB is at capacity, turn off the faucet, and your stored water will remain fresh and clean inside the bladder.

By properly following these simple steps, you'll have a reliable source of drinking water during emergencies.

Customer Reviews

Many customers turn to Amazon reviews to share their experiences with WaterBOB. They touch upon its practicality during emergencies and overall satisfaction with the product.

One customer mentions using WaterBOB during Hurricane Matthew in October 2016. In their WaterBOB review, they praise its effectiveness in providing clean water during the storm.

“​Used my 100 gallon WaterBOB during Hurricane Matthew (October 2016). My power was out, my roof was totaled, and my sprinkler system got fried by lightning, but I had plenty of water thanks to this,”

Another user discusses storing water before Hurricane Ian hit. They highlight the product's ease of use and the peace of mind it provided, knowing they had access to clean water if needed.

“Bought it in 2019. Stored until late 2022 when hurricane Ian hit. I was glad I still had it. I filled it up before the hurricane hit. I had no power or potable water for like 7 days. It came in very handy. I'm buying another right now to prepare for this hurricane season.”

A video review on YouTube also speaks to WaterBOB's value in emergency situations, concluding that the product lives up to its name and purpose.

Considering these customer reviews, it seems that WaterBOB has been a helpful and practical tool for many users in times of need. Its ease of use and ability to store a large amount of clean water has made it a crucial part of their emergency preparedness plans.

WaterBOB Compared to Similar Products

Aqua Pod

When comparing the WaterBOB to other similar products, one option that stands out is the AquaPod. While both of these products offer emergency bathtub water storage solutions, there are some distinct differences worth mentioning.

First, let's discuss the capacity. The WaterBOB holds a massive 100 gallons of water, making it ideal for large-capacity bathtubs or garden tubs. On the other hand, the AquaPod typically only holds about 70 gallons of water, which still provides a substantial amount of emergency water storage but is smaller in comparison.

Another significant difference is the longevity of stored water. The WaterBOB can keep cold water fresh for up to 16 weeks, while the AquaPod promises freshness only for about 8 weeks. This is due largely to the WaterBOB's construction, with its 10 mil plastic, compared to the AquaPod's 4 mil plastic.


A lot of preppers find themselves on the fence when choosing between the WaterBOB and the WaterBrick. This is a quality water containment system made with BPA-free materials and may prove to be more reliable in certain circumstances.

A key characteristic of the water brick is its durability. This product was designed to withstand impacts as well as punctures, making it ideal for rough conditions.

However, when it comes to value for money, the WaterBOB is undeniably a better deal as you get 100 gallons of water storage for just $35. Whereas the WaterBrick comes in a 3.5-gallon container at roughly the same price.

Augason Farms Water Storage Barrel 55-Gallon

This 55-gallon water storage barrel from Augason Farms is a top-notch solution for storing emergency water. This is a durable product and has a very solid water storage capacity of 55 gallons, making it suitable for most situations.

Unlike the WaterBOB, you can safely re-use this water barrel after cleaning and sanitizing it. If you want a quality product that can potentially last a lifetime, this water barrel is a solid choice.

That said, this product also costs around $165. If you are shopping on a budget, the Augason Farms water barrel may not be the best choice.